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FS 3 - Gillettes for sale (Delta Echo Slim, Single Ring, Cased Post War Tech))

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As stated 3 Gillettes for sale. I lean towards my modern razors rather then vintage so willing to sell even though reluctant on the Single Ring and Slim. Con US only (sorry) shipping and paypal fees included in prices
1-First a J3, 1964 4th quarter Slim from Delta Echo Razors Produced in 2017 and sat for over a year as art since I owned other slims. Used maybe 3-5 times and just sits. Prefer using funds to get something to be used more but can be art for the shelf too (again, reluctant to sell it but posted) Retail (if you can get Jay to do one) $115.95 + shipping. Yours for $85 shipped

2- 1919 Single Ring n great shape. Teeth straight and all there. Had a split which is typical that was stabilized before my purchase and never an issue as I used this razor a good bit and sure was before my purchase. If only it could tel it's stories to us. $30 shipped

3- A post war tech in case. Finish of razor worn as shown but in great looking shape. Case in great shape as seen. $20 shipped

Beautiful Slim!
I was looking for a single ring for a while, it would figure that one would come up at such a steal of a price two days after I bought one!

Someone jump on these!

Thanks Gentleman !
Just to clarify it is a 3rd Quarter of 1964 Slim. I put the correct letter and number but wrote/typed the qtr incorrectly in the opening post.


I didnt know
I'm sort of glad you wont ship to Canada haha.

Great deal on them all, and I dont really need another Single Ring and Tech...

Good luck Dave!
Forgot I have a Parker Variant in Charcoal as well in great shape but no box $35 shipped. Pics on request
I posted so quick I had forgot things I intended to put up. I have a Timeless .68 scalloped base plate as well. Some scratches on the bottom there when I bought it that has no effect on the shave, I just prefer the Open Comb. Great other then the bottom. $50 shipped Can't change the original post so if you know someone looking for one please let them know. Cheers
Sorry, I got gauged and burned on shipping had papers to fill out and had no tracking for it. I didn't create their postal system or costs
I know Dave just a little tongue-in-cheek. Seems shipping to Canada is a pain sometimes and really costs much more than it should...we miss out.
I know Dave just a little tongue-in-cheek. Seems shipping to Canada is a pain sometimes and really costs much more than it should...we miss out.
I knew it was tongue in cheek, I just feel bad excluding anyone. Again my apologies
All that's left is a Barely used 3rd quarter 1964 J3 Delta Echo Slim Adjustable $85 shipped and the Cased Post War Tech $20 shipped

Take them both for $95 shipped
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