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3-4 days of growth...best shave ever?

During the pandemic I got out of the every 1-2 day routine. I settled into every 3.5 days. I’ve now added a quick one pass shave mid week to keep in social acceptable range. I have a very course beard that softens a bit with longer growth. I find 2-3 days growth actually provides a more comfortable shave without having to work too hard to get to DFS or better
I'll have to echo what others are saying, 2 to 3 days between shaves for me works the best. Anything less than 2 days and my skin will protest. Oddly enough if I go 3 to 4 days, or more, my lower neck will break-out east and west of my 'apple due to dermatitis.
Just had an amazing shave with my Henson medium (RK blade). It's the first time I've used it with more than a days worth of growth. I was blown away by the closeness/smoothness after three passes.

Anyone else notice a different experience after significant growth?
Just got the Henson Ti aggressive for about a week now. It went through about a quarter inch of stache and chin hair like it was butter. I did nick the crap out underneath my chin. About like 5 shaved in I am finally dialing it in and getting bbs shaves.


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Often times with any razor I get a better shave after two days of growth than one. I think the razor has an easier chance to grab ALL the hairs. I suspect that not all grow at the same rate so if one shaves daily some are barely long enough to get grabbed properly.

Note: I'm a guy that has 5 o'clock shadow and I say that. Some whose beard doesn't grow as fast it might be 3-4 days.

I shave daily and can do so with an R41. That said, if I go two days, I do get a closer shave.
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My best shave when possible is every 7 days, mainly because it preserves the skin. But I have to keep the look then shave every 2 maximum 3 days.

Everyday shaving is not possible due to my scarce growth.
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