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GIVEAWAY! 3-2-1 Lets Go PIF

Thank you everyone for your posts, I've traveled, in my mind, to all of the getaways listed above & had a wonderful trip, thank you very much!!!!!

Now that I'm back it's time to get the ol' random number generator fired up to pick the winner. Congratulations @Zig the Pirate, you're the winner! Please send me a PM with your mailing address & I'll get your winning Zenith brush, Chiseled Face soap, & Whiskey Woods aftershave heading your way. Please remember to give the Zenith brush a lot of lathers to let it reach its full potential.
A very generous PIF! Respectfully not in, but I'd love to get away back to Jamaica (mon):

Dunn's River Falls. Yes, Your Humble Narrator + his wife climbed these.

Some very shy Sergeant Major Fish we managed to photograph.

Jamaica really is stunningly beautiful.


And since our last name is Zion- no, really- we felt at home.
I have to ask. My wife and I went to Jamaica on our honeymoon. We climbed Dunn's River Falls. The entire group was forced to hold hands to each other (everyone holding each other's hands) as we climbed the slippery rocks It really made me mad as it was dangerous to try and climb holding each hand being held by someone. Were you forced to do that?
Late for the fun but...
Living in Colorado I too deal with the cold. I think we are doing great at this moment as we are 20F with wind and the snow was this morning. I would love to go back to Puerto Rico as I did back in 2017. We stayed on the beach in a resort in December. I had to go buy shorts while I was there. It was funny seeing Swim trunks and Christmas decorations at the same time.

Here are a few pics to add for the extra entry if it was still going...

Thank you for the opportunity. Very nice PIF!
I’d love to be in Keauhou, HI. I had a very quiet, relaxing time there.
My choices would be:

Chiseled Face Trade Winds
Zenith 80N boar brush
Clubman Whiskey Woods
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