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2nd Restore Project: Avon Brush for SWMBO - Pics

Recently I had picked up one of these Avon brushes from an ebay auction for a very modest price. My mother and grandmother both sold Avon at one time so I was very familiar with the name but never seen a brush before. I love the long handle, the boar brush on the other hand is very substandard, even compared to the Marvy boar brush I picked up on a whim.
I would like to fit a nicer knot in the handle, been looking over the selection that you linked in the first post. I know that this should be a fairly straight forward proposition of pulling out the old knot and replacing with a new one. One question I would have is would it be possible to use a hot glue gun to affix the new knot or would the temperature of the "hot" glue damage the hair in the knot? If this has been known to damage the hair in other restorations I will stop by the local hardware store for the two-part epoxy glue I have seen recommended in other threads.