2nd Restore Project: Avon Brush for SWMBO - Pics

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by Eudjinn, Apr 9, 2010.

    Hey guys. So I just finished my first restore, which was an ER 89 w/ a two band 20mm TGN finest and I just got my second project in the mail.

    I won this unused Avon brush on the bay. The idea is most likely to restore it for the gf as a leg shaving brush to most likely use with creams - I'm looking for an 18mm knot from TGN that will be very soft as I don't think exfoliation is really key on the legs. I'm between This 18mm Silvertip Grade A and This 18mm Two band finest

    My current 20mm two band finest extra hair isn't even broken in so I can't really tell how soft the finest will get yet. What do you guys think is the better knot for this application? I considered widening for a massive 26mm knot, but I'm not confident enough in my skills and am afraid of ruining this practically new handle so I don't think I'm going to.

    The knot literally fell out with a twist. It seems to be a boar, totally unused and I'm seriously considering gluing it into another handle! Good idea?
  1. Nice brush.I have one myself.FWIW I suggest using a bigger knot because that's alot of handle for such a small knot.Also there is alot more lathering surface on legs than face.The 18mm knots may not hold enough lather to get the job done without redipping. Might I suggest boring it out to hold a 24 gradeA,24 finest, or 23 synthetic.There is plenty of handle to do this.
  2. ugh I know exactly what you mean! I think This 24mm Grade A Silvertip would go perfectly into this handle and make the perfect brush for legs and probably I'd be able to steal it to use it for creams :)

    The problem is that I didn't do quite the perfect job on my first restore and I really don't want to fudge up this handle as it is going to be a gift. If anyone out there is confident in their abilities, maybe I could pay for someone to drill it out for me and set the knot too (I had some epoxy come up on my first restore :crying:). I really want this brush to be perfect.

    edit: just went back to look at the Avon brush in the restore thread and duhhh it's yours!! just noticed you're in hastings (England I assume) and that there is no point to ask you to help with this restore since I'm in NY :*(

    your brush is a beauty!!

    I am now looking for a recommendation of someone on this board who would kindly allow me to pay them to possibly bore out this brush for me and set that pretty 24mm silvertip grade A pretty please
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  3. Actually I'm in Hastings,NE.Thanks for the complement.I would do that restore for you.I'm no expert mind you but I hear Rudy Vey is.Give him a PM to ask what his rates would be.
  4. i might still take you up on this offer if you are willing. i'm not sure if rudy does this kind of work or strictly turns his own custom handles
  5. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    very cool looking brush - nice job mate
  6. thank you sir
  7. Great looking ladies brush!
  8. Great post and very well timed! :001_smile
    I let my daughter use my Simpson loaded with lovely warm GFT Rose SC and the Merkur to tackle her legs! :crying:
    I thought it would help her understand my madness!:blushing:
    Shes hooked. :001_wub:
    So now I have a new DE, brush and tub of Trumpers to buy.:crying:

    Anyhow back on topic! I agree a bigger brush would be needed for the legs rather than the face.

    Oh and yes....that Avons a beauty.
  9. i think the second of the two would look better.
  10. I'm really leaning toward boring it out and putting in a 24mm TGN Silvertip Grade A. Any thoughts? Looking for a super soft brush that will cover a lot of surface area and hold lots of lather.
  11. If you go by thegoldennib.com's softness guide, then the Super Badger would be the one as it is just one above the Grade A Silvertip.
  12. I decided to go for the 24mm grade A. I want the knot to be as big as possible and I'm willing to sacrifice a little softness for it.
  13. Good choice I feel. I was in a rush and I was going to say that's supposed to be softer, but if it's going to be for leg shaving I'd imagine a bigger knot would be more helpful with a larger shaving surface overall. :wink2:

    Here's to it turning out great for you and SWMBO! :thumbup:
  14. PICS TIME! Could I be any more happier with the result? Nope! I put this brush in the capable hands of Spanx and he didn't just meet my expectations, he exceeded them by a mile. What a gentleman and what skilled hands. Chances of actually giving this brush up to SWMBO - decreasing!!! Made a test lather to try to get some of the funk out and this brush just DESTROYED AoS Lavender cream. Made an excellent lather with Conk Lime as well! Must also say that: TGN Grade A Silvertip 24mm = amazing.

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  15. Wow! Great looking restore!
    I'm with you - I think that one might stay in my shave kit! :wink2:
  16. At the very least, if I were to give it up, I'd have to make another one in a similar size/loft because I'm very pleased with the performance. I was even surprised at how it whipped up Tabac and AoS lavender equally well.
  17. Wholly molly thats alot of lather.What on earth is your shaving bowl?That is a large brush but the bowl makes it look like a wee scott in comparison.I'm glad you like the brush.Remember no hogging the brush it's supposed to be for your girl.
  18. The bowl is this Oxo mixing bowl I found at TJMaxx on clearance for 4 bucks. This bowl It's stainless with a non slip rubber bottom. It's plenty big for sure, but the heat retention is only so so, but I love all that real estate. The brush fills out the bowl real nicely. I know I know I'll share :)

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