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2nd - Golden Shave Contest - Plissoft Silvertip Shaving Brush 24mm knot

I am in too.
I've never the chance to try a Semogue brush and this 24mm knot with a Gold Brass Ring and Beech Wood, a Golden special edition is very beautiful! I would love to feel the soft Plissoft Silvertip on my face!
My favorite knot size is from 24mm to 26mm...
I’m in! This brush is beautiful! I would love to try it. My preference generally bounces between 24mm and 26mm depending on material and loft.
I’m in.

I would like to win because I would love to try one of these beautiful, luxurious brushes. My preference would be 24mm for a knot size.
The brush arrived Tuesday, and I tried it out this morning. Like a silvertip, the bristles were very fine, and very soft. The closest feel to it in my den is an EJ super badger. About a 15 sec. load of AoS bergamot & Neroli shaving cream and I wound up with enough lather fo 4-5 passes. (I only needed 2). Thanks, golden Shave!
I received mine and just haven't been feeling good so I haven't shaved all week. Once I do shave I will post my review here.
I received mine on Tuesday. Have only been able to shave a couple of times with it. So far the results are positive. I want to try it with a few harder to lather soaps to see how it does. I really like the size of the handle and the finish of the paint makes it very “grippy.”
Wow, it’s been almost a month since I received mine. The knot as expected is very soft but has enough backbone to be used with any soap. I have tried it with multiple stirling soaps, MWF, TOBS, Haslinger, Arko, Palmolive shave stick, and Ogallala Bay rum, limes, and peppercorns. It’s has worked flawlessly with all of them and it really impressed me with the ogallala soap which I have always had a hard time getting a decent lather with. It is a solid brush in my rotation now and has become my go to travel brush.
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