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2nd - Golden Shave Contest - Plissoft Silvertip Shaving Brush 24mm knot

Well, we are going for the 2nd Golden Shave Contest, Today we are Giving Away 3 more products!!

This time we are giving 3 Silvertip Shaving Brush, these brushes are from Semogue, so no need to introduce them, but it's a special edition for Golden Shave:

Everyone can participate, and just reply to why you would like to get this Brush, and what is your favorite knot size!

Winners will be chosen in 7 days using random.org! Good Luck!!!!!

And if you don't want to wait or participate you can always get our Brushes from our Shop or Amazon!

Few characteristics from this brush:

Golden Shaving Brush is made by Plissoft Silvertip (synthetic shaving brush) and it’s softer than the Plissoft Fiber (standard )this is a great brush for those looking for a super luxurious and soft soaping sensation.

This particular Brush is a 24mm knot with a Gold Brass Ring and Beech Wood, a Golden special edition made exclusively for us.

Loft : 54 mm
Knot : 24 mm
Handle : 55 mm
Hight : 105 mm
Brush: Plissoft Silvertip
Wood: Beechwood
Weight: 57g | 135g with box

Golden Shave - Silvertip


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Why I'd like to get this one? Because it's looks so f**king beautiful(pardon for my French), and the second reason, I've never used synthetic brush(and I'm very interested, how it could be feeling on skin). For me knot size is depending from shaving soap. If it's my favourite soap, like to use 26mm. If that something new, working with 24mm.
I'm in!

I would like to get this brush because Semogue. Enough said.

Haha, Semogue LE are rare in my eyes and I like the look of this brush. That brass golden ring is a real kicker as well. My favorite knot size is between 24mm and 26mm, depending on the day whether I want more density or not.
I'm in. I would like this brush because I'm currently using a yaqi and would like something in a different league. I would like it in a 24mm knot.
I'm in. The same reason as above. My Yaqi synth seems to not be able to beat my Omega boar.
I would love a more high-end brush.
I'm in, and thanks for the opportunity! I've learned that a 24 mm knot is about as big as I want, and it's even better if the knot is set deeper than usual. I've never tried a Semogue, so hoping to have that chance. Plus, it's a gorgeous brush!
Please count me in. I have a Semogue 830 boar and 730HD Badger, and I'd like to compare a Semogue synthetic to them. As for size, my favorite brushes all fall between 22mm and 27m, so if I had to choose a single size, 24mm would be it.
I would like this brush so I can advertise on our French forums. As well as that I'm still looking to get a really good brush. My favourite knot size is 24 mm.
I'm in.
I tend to prefer smallish badger knot as compared to the "whisk broom" sized brushware that is out there today.
I enjoy face lathering as an essential component of the shave and like to be in control of where the lather goes. I have no need or desire to lather both ears a the same time. In general, 20-24mm diameter knots are PLENTY sufficient for me!

I'm in. My favorite knot size is 24mm and I would like to get this brush because my favorite synthetic material is Plissoft. I would also throw in that Semogue is one of my favorite brush maker, but for boar.
I'm in. It's a very handsome brush and would go along well with my Semogue 620 and 1250. My favorite knot size is around 24mm though I'll make an exception for a big pro boar brush.
I’m in because I have not tried a Semogue Plissoft (and 24 mm is right is my preferred range)!

Thanks for the opportunity!!
Please count me in. I've tried to like synthetic brushes, but the only one I've ever enjoyed using is the razorock monster, which I believe has a plissoft knot. I have high hopes for a silvertip plissoft.
I'm in.
I only have one synthetic and it's a cheap one that never impressed me. I'd love to try a better one, plus, that is one good looking brush!
I would love to be in on this.

I would like to win this because I want to try the pilsoft knot. I normally prefer badger but I do like the cashmere knot and the black one from craving shaving. I love trying new things. My favorite knot size is 24mm. This brush is the perfect size and the shape looks like it would fit my hands perfectly.
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