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2great shaves+1excited man=?

1 really bad shave!

I had 2 really good shaves in a row using the Proraso white trio, Razorock G37 (WTG, XTGe2n and XTGn2e), Razorock SLOC (touch ups) and Wilkinson blade (which I'm only using because they came in a sampler and will remain on my never support Gillette because they hate men list) in both. The second shave with this set up I got a little ambitious with the touch up and essentially went XTG over a decent amount of facescape.

After both shaves I was shocked at how my skin looked, so clean and not fiery and it felt great too. As is my wont I became a little over zealous and attempted a third shave very intentionally against the grain... huge mistake.

I never go xtg because my face feels like I just snuggled a cactus if I do, but for some reason I thought I had gotten better, or the product did idk.

Only 2 variables - i used tabac (because the proraso cream made my face feel a bit dry in-between passes and before my after shave alum and balm; and tabac, although also new to me, has always left me feeling hyrdrated and smooth) and the same Wilkinson blades - so maybe they're only good for 2 shaves.

Maybe I didn't use enough cream? Maybe I couldn't quite find the angle?

Maybe I should go back to accepting I'll never be bbs in my life because my face hates me.

But I will say this, despite some lingering stinging for about an hour or so my face looks good considering the abuse I afflicted upon it. It's not enflamed and feels great now. That proraso white after shave is no joke and will likely be on regular rotation in my arsenal. Get some

Grace and peace yall,
Shaved by Grace
There are many other non Gillette blades out there (BTW, Gillette is not on my list of approved vendors either). Try something from Lord. I really like the Asco blades as well as the Big Ben.

For me the Asco gives the closest shave and I can get 6 or 7 shaves per blade out of them.

Part of the fun is finding the right mix of razor, soap and blade that gives you the best results!
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