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25 years old, beard still won't connect.... getting discouraged

Hello all. I'm starting to get really discouraged with my attempt to grow a full beard. The sides of my mouth simply will not connect. Though it has gotten better tremendously over the years, I just can't grow a full beard. Any advice? How bad does this look?


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...Any advice? How bad does this look?
Well, first off that gigantic hole in your head is not doing you any favors.

Your beard will get fuller, probably up until the mid-30's. Just keep it neatly trimmed, don't let it get scraggly. You have some light patches, that's natural, it's just the way it goes. Keeping the rest of the beard too long does not compensate. It will look better neatly trimmed, IMHO.
I'll pile on. Your beard looks good. Keep it up. It took many years for my mustache to connect to my beard, and even still there such separation that the hairs connect but from across the room it's still a beard and a mustache. Just give it a little trim here and there every so often and you'll be just fine.


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For 25, that's not bad. The best advice I can give you is...don't be afraid to shave it off and start it again. It always seemed to me to co e back in better with every attempt. And...try wet shaving...make taking it off fun! Also...get a good beard brush.
My mustache is thin on one side where it connects with my goatee. I turned 50 last summer.
I could care less what others think about it.
What annoys me is that nothing I do can tame the wild curls.
I could care less what others think about it.

That's been my attitude about everything for over 70 years. In the 80s, I grew a beard every year from Labor Day to Memorial Day. By the time it got really bushy and filled in, the weather was too hot to keep it. One year I made it well into July before shaving it off.
Everyone's beard growth is different. It can be a blessing and a curse. Your beard looks like how mine was when I was 14. Now I've got that beard that if I don't shave everyday I look like a slob. I wouldn't worry about it. There's plenty you can do with what you have if you want to do the facial hair thing. When I grew out my beard and hair I'd just go to the barber and say, "Make me handsome." The barber was a genius and worked with what I had.
Your beard looks fine man. Like they said just keep it neat. But also don't over manicure it. If you have too many wirey curls but you dont want to cut them buy an Aberlite and some beard oil and it will tame them
We all have to work with what God gave us. Enjoy the beard you have. Try not to worry about the beard you wish you had.

That being said, you can let everything grow longer, including the mustache, and let it hang over the bare spots. It won't shouldn't look weird if your beard length is grown out a bit, too. If you don't like it, trim it back down again.
I would second the notion that the way it is kept/manicured/trimmed will have more baring on how it "looks" to others than a light patch here and there. But I am a "clean cut" kinda guy. My beard and hair are kept neat and tidy, even if my beard is long...it is combed and oiled at least once a day. But in the end, how does it look to you? Who cares what any body else thinks. If ya like it, rock it. If not, cut it off.
I had a thought I wanted to share with the group. After switching jobs that let me get go from a goatee to a full beard, I was discouraged with how my cheeks were coming along. Finally it got to the point where I could trim it all to the same length. Once it was all the same length, I found it had all filled in. It looked natural and full. Try a trim and see what it looks like. Not much, just a little bit. I bet you notice it a little thicker and more full.


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Beard is fine. A trim will make it look stronger. Alternatively find a style of beard, or goatee that works for you. Lots of good advice given here.
My problem was when I grew the beard I wanted the hair on my head went. Such is life.
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