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$25 Double Ring?

Wow! I picked up a blackened single ring this summer. I was surprised at how black it was, but now I see that is normal. I was also surprised at how well it cleaned up with just a Dawn soak and a toothbrush.

The black patina doesn't thrill me, especially not when I shave with it, but the aged silver patina after the clean up is just right.
I have a few single rings and a couple Bulldogs that I left the patina on. I cleaned them real well and polished them with a soft T shirt. They shine like the bluing on a nice gun barrel.
That’s a beauty. Great find as well. I’d certainly avoid harsh cleaners and abrasives. These are silver plated brass and the silver isn’t very thick. Scrubbing bubbles are quite good for initial cleaning.

you got it just in time for OCtober as well.
Just found this guy yesterday, it also has the blade return envelope and is from 1905, serial number 82232.

Makes sense that the blade sharpening service would be discontinued, I can't imagine it would be sanitary either? Who knows, maybe you were getting someone else's blades??
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Mine was sub $25, Yeay US!
Man where do you guys find these gems?
Dumb luck brother, dumb luck! Well, persistence helps!
I’ve almost run into some dumb luck as well... Facebook market place except the seller is saying pickup only!!! Perhaps a trusted member could help me out and pick up the item and send it my way, and I’ll pay through them... my god it’s my holy grail item right now! Nothing like a DR or 1934 gen 1 Aristocrat but it’s still up there!
Clean and wipe down with an old T-shirt, but leave the Patina. I love the patina on my 1920 Big Fellow and the Tuckaway I found in a shop a year ago had great patina on it as well... as the shop worker was taking out the case/razor out of the display case we had a conversation regarding the finish and I said, "no, it's silver plated" as he took it up front and I went back to browsing for another half hour or so. When I went up to pay, the shop worker says, "you're right, it's silver, and it really cleaned up nice!" as he hands over a bright shiny razor... (sigh)
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