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21% off all handles at Elite Razor through 5/24


My first son graduated 20 years ago and my youngest 2 sons will be graduating on Monday. Phew!

In honor of the event, I am offering a 21% discount on all in-stock handles at Elite Razor (www.eliterazor.com) through Monday, 5/24. Please enter 2021 at checkout to receive the discount.

One son will be studying to become an Architect and the other will take up residence at Parris Island as he begins his career as a member of the Marine Corps.

Several new brushes have just been listed and are available for the sale, as well as many others.

Maple Burl and Resin (26mm)
[Image: hpr0E1K.jpg]
[Image: 1xVyKj1.jpg]

Black Limba Burl (26mm)
[Image: W63387Z.jpg]
[Image: hemQdH2.jpg]

Forest Green and White (26 - 28mm)
[Image: KzqYZVE.jpg]
[Image: xd19nOC.jpg]

Caribbean Blue and White (26 - 28mm)
[Image: G1b0CpH.jpg]
[Image: m3VMJ22.jpg]

Chestnut Brown and White (26 - 28mm)
[Image: vXmJeal.jpg]
[Image: oNDVL3e.jpg]

Ruby Red and White (26 - 28mm)
[Image: GU7Xoun.jpg]
[Image: uJWgGlO.jpg]

As always, thanks for looking.

Congratulations. You sound like my brother. His oldest boy is around 20 years older than his two younger boys who are 2 years apart.
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