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2024 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - The Year of MacGyver

Still in, nessun problema.

For last night's shave, I remembered a shaving soap from a local artisan that I got in December of last year but forgot I had. It made a dense, llw-structure lather that was slick and provided for a great shave.

For the razor, I used the titanium Diamondback head but I put it on a UFO titanium handle. This might be sacrilege, but I think I like the DB head better on almost any handle other than the iconic one it came with. Weird, I know.

Anyway, an easy two-pass CCS+.

(I tried to load up a couple of pictures but for some reason it wouldn't work. I guess you will have to use your imagination, or maybe I can load pics in a few minutes.)
Trying to post pics from yesterday's shave. Local artisan soap, titanium Diamondback on a UFO handle.
Still in!

Needed to shave the neck and cheek lines to get the beard sharp for my eldest daughters high school graduation.
Had a lot of growth so needed a razor that wouldn't clog and also make sure I didn't have any form of redness (almost never cut myself or get irritation but didn't take any chances).
The PAA Meta-4 was my choice for this!

Still in

Razor: Schick E3 Injector
Blade: Schick Injector blade (9)
Cream: Geo. F. Trumper Eucris (sample)
Brush: Omega 10065 Boar
AS: PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum

Finished off the Eucris sample, feels good to finish off a product even if it is only sample size. I have to say I really like the scent of Eucris, someday when I finish off more of my soap stash I'll get a full tub of Eucris cream.

Still in. The first half of the year is almost in the books. Congrats to everyone who made it this far. Well done👍

ATM there's nothing on the horizon that could put this mission significantly at risk. There's still some new hardware which I have put away in case the need comes up to discover something new... or to treat it as some sort of reward if a milestone has been passed.

Cheers 🍻
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Good day everyone.

Quarterly check in here.

I haven't frequented B&B much over the last quarter, so apologies for not being a better team player. Hope the struggles have been few and delights aplenty.

Still in and enjoying my shaves. Gear is minimal, soaps are more than ample, and no significant temptations lurking to derail me.
Still in and quarterly check-in. Halfway through! (last shave of June for me)

29 June 2024

PdP 63 Soap
Zenith Copper Handle Boar Brush
Leaf Twig
Gillette Green Super Stainless (1)
Duke Cannon ASB

After the wonder LOTH gave me a nice haircut, did a rare Saturday shave. Maybe a dud blade, but the Gillette Green is not my favorite in the Twig. I'll bin it and move on.

Stay the course!
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