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2024 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - The Year of MacGyver

Still trucking along.
The Trafalgar T2 has taken a back seat for some time, not only due to its Synth-ness, but also to its sizing in comparison to other synthetics in my stable. Truly a wonderful brush
While I enjoy the knot I wish the handle was longer
Still in. Just finished a shave with my Mythus shavette for the first pass, and my aluminum Karve CB, this time with the D open comb plate, for the second pass.

Lather was Stone Cottage Soapworks cream in the Bay Lime scent. CCS with no irritation or problems.

I really like the Karve CB. Even in the D open comb it is smooth and comfortable.

Another month has been completed ✅
Tight now there is far too much work to be done to be tempted by all the beautiful things.
Besides, my exception razor has departed. Should keep my busy with testing once it's there...

See you all in June 😀

Today's shave was mild and pleasant.

Giesen & Forsthoff Timor OC.

May is almost behind us so congrats to all pocket knife owners for completing another month!

June and July are dedicated to High Efficiency Razors if you are looking for another theme to take your mind off of other things. The link is in my signature.

Keep it up my brothers. You are all doing brilliantly!!


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