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2024 Reindeer and Sleigh

It's been awhile. COVID put a damper on my Christmas gift exchange in 2020 and family issues have made it difficult since then. But I'm thinking that B&B could use a big dose of Christmas Spirit this year!

This is a "rough" 6 month notice, that I'll be hosting the Reindeer and Sleigh Gift exchange again this year. If you're new or unfamiliar with the exchange, you can read about the last one, here

Thread 'Mr Bingle's 2019 Reindeer & Sleigh' Mr Bingle's 2019 Reindeer & Sleigh - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/mr-bingles-2019-reindeer-sleigh.575769/

Feel free to start posting items in this thread, that you'd like to have on your wish list. I'd love to see what everyone is thinking! Pic please!
@Truefitt & Hill 1805 Cologne is always on my list. It's one of my favorite colognes

An assortment of DE blades would be a nice addition to my wish list. Are there any stores selling assorted blade bundles?
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