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2023 Shaving Goals & Intentional Spending Plan

I know we all have goals here are some of my shaving goals this year.

1. Get into straight razor shaving. (currently use a Feather Kamisori style shavette)
2. Clear the collection of things I don't love and use. This includes soaps, razors, and brushes.
3. Most importantly kill some freaking tubs of soap!!!

I have a few items I want to get for 2023:
-Max Sprecher straight razor
-Mozingo ZT4 24mm knotting service
-TNS custom probably M4 & send in a handle for ether L4 and/or H4 fan.
-Caties Bubbles X splash, V & X backup pucks
-WK Vor V soap

Lastly, maybe buy the SV limited edition Shaving Brush Arlecchino

What are your shaving goals or things you intend to purchase?
I'm in the purchase sabbatical group for 2023 so won't be purchasing anything this year (except my Athena razor exception and a Contributors brush if they do that again this year).

I'm with you on your #2 and #3. I am in the process of selling off, or giving away, the items I no longer use. I've never really ever killed a puck of soap so I'm hoping this is my year to succeed in this endeavor. I have lots of inventory :lol:.

I would also like to organize all my blades, brushes, razors, soaps, aftershaves, etc. Everything is currently in a place, but as my wife likes to tell me....not their proper place.
I have no need for any new razors, brushes or blades. Aftershaves also, I guess. I rarely buy Shaving Creams and only use Kiss My Face Unscented on a regular basis. I stocked up 6 months ago with a 3 pack of pump bottles from Amazon. As much as I use it, that'll last me a couple of years.

Soaps are the hard part for me in this hobby. I do have criteria's now on what I will buy- it almost always depends on the ingredients that I know will work for my skin. Gone are the days of trying something from everyone because the scent sounded appealing. I also like to make my own "frankensoaps" out of melt and pour bases and experiment with mixing in other ingredients or scents. I'm always looking for sales on the M&P stuff at Hobby Lobby and the like. I'm expecting to spend $50 or so this year, and it's honestly on stuff that's not even needed but it gives me something to do.
Not sure about the spending but I plan on thinning my aftershave collection out a bit. I have my favorites that I'm more than happy with. I really don't need 40+ aftershaves in my den.
After vigorously pursuing the shaving items since past few years, I personally don't need anything, but I'm hoping to shave and spread the joy of this hobby with my friends and family members.

I'm putting some of the goals for this year:

1) Send samples of my favourite Indian artisan shaving soaps to some fellow GRUMEr

2) Introduce my Nephew into the hobby

3) Finish at least 4 soaps this year, I'm sure that'll put a dent on my 50+ soap collection.

4) Purchase an efficient Vintage razor in great condition (my exception purchase).
Plan is to get some razors
To limit yearly cost to around 300€
So it will probably be 2 razors, 1 brush and some blades, goal is to hoard around 3500 blades (untill my 100th birthday, then I'll stop shaving for a year)
I have enough creams and AS for some time
Well, I had a goal to finish three soaps before I purchased another. Then those lovely people at Maggard Razors sent me a 10% off coupon. 🤷‍♂️ whoops. Stocked up on “needed” supplies and samples.

Goal is still to finish the three soaps! 👍 maybe even a fourth this year!

Another goal is to determine if the razors I picked up over Black Friday and through the end of ‘22 are keepers or not, and sell what doesn’t make the cut.

God speed y’all! 🤙
I am with you on number 3 and in addition intend not to buy any gear at all (at least not for myself).

I subsequently enlisted into GRUYERE to discipline myself into not buying anything shave related for myself. PIFs and gifts to others are allowed. As well as trading, but I don’t have anything to trade I think. At least not razor wise.


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