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2023 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - The Year of The Prisoner


Stumpy in cold weather
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Missing from the village Q1 check-in

46. Doc4 ... exceptions are for wimps

So there I was ... minding my own business ... wandering through the supermarket ... past the meat section ... past the bakery ... past the canned goods ... into the pharmacy section ... down the "men's grooming aisle" ... curious about a tube of Proraso in a colour I didn't recognise I reached for the tube and ... and ... a giant white balloon appeared and ... and ...

... now I'm here.
Still in, perfect shave wih this great combo.

Gillette new rfb
Personna Lab Blue (2)
Anbbas synth brush
Extro Cosmesi 17 Stormo (SOTM)
Nivea sensitive ASB
Brut Musk EdT

Happy wth this slick soap......

No Shave yesterday.


The Twig razor did an excellent job today. The Nomad scent may be my favorite among all the soaps I have- and makes a great slick lather. The Brushworx brush is so good I could have used it for an additional 10 minutes just to enjoy its soothing softness.
Satisfaction: 10+++
Closeness: 9.5

Please take care of yourself and each other.
No pictures, but I’ve been using my GC .68 with a Personna lab blue all week. I started on a tub of Captain’s Choice lime soap that I picked up during the restock period. It’s easy to whip up a rich and creamy lather with this soap. I find that it’s slick enough for me, but I will note that I have used slicker soaps. However, no complaints here as it provides enough cushion for a smooth and comfortable shave. The soap has a very pleasant, but mild, lime scent. So far, I will say that I like this soap a lot.

365 daily shaves
High Efficiency June

Lambda AthenaGillette Platinum (14)Zenith 502B XSE
Cold splash
KCG Face Wash
Proraso Green preshave

Cold splash

(details here)
8/10 (~20 m)10/10 (Clean)
9/10 (BBS)9/10 (Buttery smooth)

Notes to these shaves:

Still out, but no frenzies either. Peace at last!!

General - excellent 3 pass shave feeling smooth and relaxed. Ready for another Manic Monday!

For extended shave notes click here.

Enjoy your shave!
Not in this year, but not out yet! I still haven't purchased anything shaving related this year. I've looked at some things, thought about it, and then thought better. After five annual sabbaticals (or something like that) I no longer have a sense of missing out on anything.

Stay strong gents, you're almost halfway there. You can do it.


Use the Fat, Luke!
Well, gentlemen, I have crashed and burned my X-Wing with no survivors.

I can take the demise of La Toja, and ATT. Apparently the third time is the charm. With the destruction of MWF I had to stock up. It is being diluted to a shadow of its former self: vegan, palm oil, scent polluted. I had to get some authentic MWF while I could. I don't believe the old stock will last until year's end. Hopefully this will last a few years at least.

MWF F.png

Porkins out!

More Than One Problem.gif

Loaded for Bear.jpg



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Ah. I see you got a spare bowl in case one follows your X-wing. And six drop tanks. If MWF depletes as slowly as that half tallow, half glycerine mix I use, that's a couple decades worth.

Of course, you are still with us. No one gets completely Out this year. Thanks to good old Rover, you know. ;)

I had trouble finding you on the master list. I had put Porkins in front of your screen name. :p



2. KQY61 - No Exception
3. sjblon - No Exception
4. Tillerman - No Exception
5. Noodles - A/S
6. Patrick McGoohan - Always Exceptional
7. VerbaVolant - No Exception
9. elmo_koffman - exception: blades
10. Jim99 - Exception: Italia soap
11. Pepin - exception vintage razor
13. La Malice - Shaving bowl

18. Sandorfi - Exception Vintage Gillette new
20. Crisp Rat - no exception
21. Esetter - no exception
22. Chef455 - Exception Lucky Tiger if Supply Runs Out

24. EB Newfarm No Exception

30. Balin - "The Duke" Exception - Shaving brush
31. JAHE - Exception - modern razor
32. Sotiris_A - No exception
33. Tjsgarden-Exception- razor
34. Contact_vs_Feedback - Vintage razor
35. KW Driver - Exception - Linseed oil/sealers for brush repairs.
36. Cantujm -Exception- Wolfman Razor
38. ByDoms - No exception
39. Ruva - razor
40. Jamesearthdrum - Geo Trumper Coral Skin Tonic
41. cryhavoc - shaving brush
42. T.Orso - witch hazel

49. JKaboom - LEA 3in1

52. kjbarth - no exception
54. Fred D - No exception
56. LJBraaten - Vintage Razor

Out(ed) as Warders

29. awk_m4 - No Exception - 1/31- Bought stuff for sons and dipped in
53. Markdad2 - No exception - 2/6 - Muhle Rocca Stainless
25. JWCowboy No Exception - 2/16 - Neighbor getting out of making brushes
19. ewk - NO EXCEPTION - 2/18 - Mutton tallow soap
16. DougK - no exception - 3/12 - Bic Flex 5 carts picked up out of habit
55. bartje-p - Blackbird (regular) SS plate - 3/17 - Lupo .95 SS w/ HD handle
26. Trollky - tube of Proraso cream - 3/18 - Color Coordinated razor, brush and soap in a shade of red.
27. MaineYooper - vintage razor - 3/24 - Wolf Whiskers' brush w/ Maggard Razors SHD badger knot
8. bjm - Exception: razor handle - 3/24 - Merkur 34C
43. Heron - shave soap - 4/3 - Simpson's brush
15. DEaficianado - razor handle - 4/27 - Greencult razor plate 4
50. Berwick12 - No Exception - 5/1 - Bought Too Much from Above The Tie to feel good about the Group Exception
44. Guido75 - New Razor - 5/10 - Bought himself some B'Day gifts
45. Whisky - No Exception - 5/12 - La Toja soap, etc, quite a bit of it (as it rides off into the sunset)
23. JeffJ - No Exception - 5/13 - La Toja soap and creme, (as it rides off into the su
47. linty1 - no exceptions - 6/7 - something used came up and it's in the exact configuration I wanted
28. (Porkins). CzechCzar - exception TBD - 6/14 - MWF soap as it changes formula

Missing from the village Q1 check-in

12. gdawg55 - aftershave
14. 02FLHTCI- No Exception
17. wmadoty - No Exception
37. Bobbyb - No Exception
46. Doc4 ... exceptions are for wimps
48. Alum Ladd - Nivea post shave balm
51. Chandu - No Exception
57. sirplatypus - blades
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