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2023 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - The Year of The Prisoner

Correct, I was not in the 2022 sabbatical. I had bought the items strictly to resell, I'd like to start a little side gig reselling some shave stuff. The soaps mentioned did not sell so I did a PIF on them and shipping them out today or tomorrow. Let me know officially. I think I am adhering to the intent here but by the letter maybe not...
I think the consensus is that you are still in!
Not yet but being honest I definitely will. Could happen as soon as tomorrow
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Still in!


The first month of my stay in The Village has been completed. Thanks to my suitcase full of shaving stuff I haven't felt the need to take a taxi to the next best shaving shop in order to add something. I was told they would do local services only, anyway... but perhaps I nevertheless could convince the driver if temptations arised... but for the time being I'm good 😀

Be seeing you!
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Why not practice restraint?
Our friend @Guido75 mailed out a sample of Tabac which will be arriving any day now. I'm really excited to trying it. My online supplier still has some stock of the original formula. Since most others are sold out It likely won't be available for long and rather than missing out so I decided to order it while I still can. Even if I find that soap the worst thing ever I know that I will have no problem offering as a PIF. Now that I got that out of my system I signed up for the February G.R.U.M.E and my goal to complete it and build from there.
Still In GRUME. GRUYERE (#33), SWS & 365+ Shaves
A new month for Fruity February and the One Blade Challenge


Feather DX
Feather AC Pro (1)...(maybe I can keep count this month)
Castle Forbes Lime
Simpson Super Badger

Good Day Gents
Yesterday, I was a little shaky shaving due to too much caffeine. With a new AC Pro blade I didn't want to do that today.
After a couple corking strokes and adjusting the lather it was smooth sailing. I took extra time and went slowly. It was one of my most enjoyable shaves.
🍻 to us all for a good month.
Please take care of yourself and each other.
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