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2021 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek

Still in.
When I started this journey I was pretty sure today (black Friday) would be my "trip back to Earth" but no. I stay focus on our destination ( where btw?). Yes I'd like a nice bay rum soap, but it would just be ridiculous to add another soap in the den when I cant finish a soap. Been using the same soap (except on Mondays) for the last 2 months because I want to finish a soap, it was under 50% when I started, and I dont see when it will be finished. All the other soaps are over 90% full so my 8 years estimation might be 15 since I shave every 2 days now. Used to be daily. Didnt plan on joining next year because it sucked not been able to enter PIFS but will probably use that as an exception for next year and I'll be in for sure.

Here's the picture of my work in progress. Stay focused, final stretch!
Stardate 121332.4
Gillette Tech (1961 G4)
Gillette Silver Blue
Arko Shaving Soap Stick
Zenith 'Short and Scrubby'
Bootlegger's Lime Bay Rum


I was out shopping this morning and picked up a $2 bottle of witch hazel. I walked around with it in my cart for a bit but eventually put it back on the shelf. I was tempted but it will still be there five weeks from now and at the same price. Crewman #13 still in...
Still in.
I am pretty confident to make it successfully through for the few remaining days of the year. The shave den has however not reduced much this year, mainly as I am working from home for over 20 months now, shaving once or twice a week is enough.
I have gone through two soaps, with a third soap that I expect to finish by the end of December. I finished one aftershave and another bottle should be done by the year’s end. I gave away two razors and sold off two more. I haven’t bought a thing this year!

It’s not a big reduction in my den, but it is helping me to focus on the razors, scents and soaps that work for me.

Jim99 still in!


The wife's investment
Wow! 42% still in. That’s remarkable. Congratulations Treksters, you’re almost there.

Just thought I’d beam up and see how it’s going. I don’t know all the histories, but I think 42% is pretty high. You might even have a record here, but I’ll leave it up to someone more vested and energetic than I to check it out.

Happy landings.
Still in, been a while since I updated my reduction efforts.
Finished up a couple splashes including a 500mL bottle of witch hazel; a tube of proraso cream, and got to spend a month using my (tallow formula) Tabac products.
Tapped into a tub of Dr Jon's Ann Bonny November 1 with the matching splash, boy this is nice stuff. I won't finish it this year but will definitely be on my replenish list when it becomes available.
No temptations, I'll check in at the end of the year. Happy shaves!

Frag: (Grey Quartz, monsieur musk)
Splash: 8 (Ogallala, RR Alchemy, Grand Havana, Monsieur Musk, Oil of Lime, Emperor, Witch Hazel, English Leather)
Soap: 3 (Ogallala, Alchemy, Proraso green)

That's the really funny part: Nothing at all! ;)

I don't even need a bottle of Lubriderm that I use for an AS. More than half of the bottle I bought for this year remains.

I will just use the pack of blades exception for next year that I didn't use this year.

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