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2021 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek

My daughter works at a spa in Newburyport, MA and she got me this shave soap for fathers day, The owner makes it along with a bunch of other skin products. I've discovered it is best used as a waterless gel. I apply it with my fingers and massage it until it creates a very thin foam. First two shaves with it were satisfactory and it leaves my face feeling very soft. It is virtually orderless. I happen to be starting a new 3017 so switched to this for however long it takes to finish it. IMG_2961.JPG
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RazoRock German 37 Slant
Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge (10)
Maggard 22mm Synthetic
Proraso Sandalwood


I had a pretty good week as far as shaves go. I found I can achieve better-than-nice results with just two passes as long as they both include ear-to-nose on the cheeks, ear-to-chin along the jawline, and south-north on the neck up to the chin and jawline. The problem is I still have a lot of soap in my stash so I'm loading heavy to work through it. Oh well, more for the head shave I guess.

I also received two new Omega boars this week; a 10066 (left) and a 10275 (right)...


The 10066 was part of a B&B trade with a fine contributing member to these forums and allowed me to remove an item from my restock list. The brush will be used in a future month-long challenge if I can wait that long to use it. The 10275 was delivered by mail in an envelope that had been opened before it arrived. It was addressed to me but I didn't order the brush. There was no accompanying note and I didn't recognize either the sender's name or address. Hopefully they will come forward so I can thank them properly for the wonderful (and totally appropriate) gift.

And I almost forgot... I have a Beagle in the mail :cool:

Beagle Screenshot from 2021-05-19 08-45-04.png

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I finally found a Blackland Vector! Thank you B&B and the gentlemenly member who offered it to me. My exception has been used! I will be sure to post a picture when it arrives! 6 more months with no purchases here we go! I hope I planned the timing of my exception well 🤞🤞 and can make it the rest of the year with no hiccups! Otherwise I’ll be looking to trade with you fine gents!

Razor: Karve SB-B
Blade: PolSilver
Brush: 22mm SHD Badger
Bowl: Timeless
Soap & A/S: CC Venture
The more I use this brush the better it gets! I foresee a couple more badger brushes in my post sabbatical future! Have a great day y’all!AE41662B-2C6D-4803-AE2E-CC6207B8AFD9.jpeg
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The General by Colonial Razors
Feather Artist Club ProGuard
RazoRock Bruce Plissoft
Proraso Sandalwood


I was running a bit late this morning and had to rush the shave. That is usually a recipe for disaster, but the razor/blade/soap combo handled it well. And because the brush only required a few seconds under the tap instead of a soak I was able to save a few minutes there too. A splendid two-pass shave with results as good as any other in recent memory and I was ready to face the world.

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