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2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies

Still 15 competitors have not completed the second quarter check in; two days to complete. Team Eleven is heading for a big fall!
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Still missing but now I'm out at home too. I bought a bottle of PG to dissolve menthol crystals in (for aftershave project). Probably not shaving as much either, truth be known. 2-3 times a week. I have LOTS of soap it seems.

I had surgery on my face to cut out a basal cell, so I wasn't shaving at all for a few weeks.


I got an email from Shawn at Chatillon Lux a couple of days ago announcing that he's getting out of the aftershave/toner business to focus on his fragrance business. I have a ton of loyalty points with CL, so I became worried about losing them. I could use them on his EdTs/EdPs, but I've got several lifetimes worth already.

Chatillon Lux is my favorite aftershave. I've got every prior scent he's created, to my knowledge, with doubles for almost all of them. The new one, La Petite Prairie, was released today at 10 am Seattle time. I used up most of my points to acquire one bottle, but decided I needed to support Shawn (a great guy) with an actual purchase. So I bought a second bottle.

The bad news is that I'm now out. I feel good, however, about making it over six months, a personal best. I also feel good about supporting Chatillon Lux with a (minor) purchase.

I also feel good that Shawn will be providing scents to Declaration Grooming for use in Scott's aftershaves. Declaration aftershaves are among my top three (along with Maol Grooming and, of course, CL), so I'm sure I'll keep in touch with the amazing scents of Chatillon Lux.

I'll be playing from home, hoping all y'all keep it going. Good luck!
Now hear this! Will the following people please check in for the 2020 Sabbatical quarter...Thanks

@Keen Edge
@Silky Glide


Raven Koenes

My precious!
Raven Koenes, Car 57, 1939 Fiat 1500 B. Team 10 (still in)

SOTD: :001_wub:
Razor: Fatip Lo Storto
Blade: Shark Platinum (1)
Brush: APShaveco Synbad
Soap: Fine Green Vetiver
Aftershave: Proraso Green
Movin' right along with no temptations. It's almost like I'm asleep at the wheel. What could possibly go wrong with that?

I'm continuing on with my Lo Storto, Shark Platinum, and APShaveco SynBad this week. One could almost call me a minimalist. I certainly have narrowed down what I like to a few items. Perhaps, I am a minimalist? I think I am! I'm a minimalist!!! Here's to me and minimalism :a50::happybday: Hear, Hear!

I was going to shave every other day as an experiment. I may not be able to do that. I must get as many shaves in as I possibly can. The more the better. I need them all! :w00t:

Still completely normal over here and trying to stay inbetween the double yellow lines.
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SOTD (# 123/2020)
Preshave: warm water
Brush: Semogue 1800
Soap: Wickham Soap 1912 ~ Classic 24
Razor: Mühle R89 Twist
Blade: Rapira Platinum Lux (3)
Postshave: frigid tap water, Majestät AS, Wickham Soap 1912 ~ Classic 24 ASB.

JAHE - still in.


I Waxed The Badger.
Car 17 checking in with my Rolls Royce Twenty. Car is running great. I didn't read close enough and throught my last post served as a check in - it didn't. Sorry for the tardiness. Still IN!

I've borrowed a razor from my neighbor that I am REALLY liking. I think that trades are allowed by this and the other restraint I am in so am working to effect a trade of some sort. Otherwise no real gear lust.

Working on a puck of Baume.be soap this week and continuing with the not mine, but favorite razor, the Muhle R41.
147_Grain (Team 11, car #65) checking in - I'm out! Thanks to Invicta for PMing me to remind me of the check-in window. I'll write up the crash report soon.