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2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies

Car #13 checking in. No further kills to report. I hope I can use up my Dr Harris puck by the end of the year.
Car #35 checking in. No issues or mechanical problems so far on the course. We have had to dodge several Fatip Open Comb Slants that jumped right in front of the car, heedless to the danger. There was a new aftershave that tried to hitchhike, but we could not pick it up.

Continuing on the next leg of the course.
Car #23, Bentley 8 Litre, checking in.
As I shave before bed in the evening, I always reach for the nightcap after the shave. It's like being driven in a comfy car while sipping sixteen years old stuff. You bet I'm staying in.
The Triumph Gloria Vitesse is still motoring along without issue.

A while back I finished my cocktail of Haslinger remnants, and opened a puck of Saponificio Varesino Stella Alpina to celebrate. Good stuff, too strongly scented though for me to enjoy it as much as I had hoped.

About a week later I broke into a new puck of Haslinger Aloe Vera. Even better.



Still In as well. The Disbrow Special continues to motor along at Full Chat (a racing term meaning you are pushing the grip of the tires with power to the point where they chatter)!

SOTD (# 117/2020)
Preshave: warm water
Brush: Shavemac Synthetic 24/52
Soap: Calani ~ Oriental Plum
Razor: Razorock SLOC
Blade: Personna Platinum Chrome (4)
Postshave: frigid tap water, S. Oliver Superior AS, Nivea Sensitive ASB.

JAHE - car # 6 is still in.
Ruckin (not sure what number) is still in. Still 3017'n my way through a brick of Vitos super coco, 400ml of floid blue, and a pack of dorco blades. Smooth sailing so far... the only temptations recently have been in the woodworking tool category.