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2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies


I am opening a huge rabbit hole here but I dare to ask:

What are your top 5 razors?

More like a Gopher Hole! :p

Ought we? Putting out razors we like that others don't have and so now want? That is how eer got here in the first place! Reading about all these razors on B+B! ;)

Yeah. Darth Kev over there says it is a good idea! :p

If y'all Go For It, I will then list mine. :)

SOTD (# 60/2020)


Preshave: Proraso White pre-shave cream
Brush: Semogue 1460 (Boar)
Soap: Captain's Choice ~ Lime (Sample)
Razor: Parker 87R
Blade: Wilkinson Sword Germany (1)
Postshave: frigid tap water, Proraso Azur Lime AS, Alverde After Shave Balm.

Soap samples: minus 4.

JAHE - still in.
Probably the wrong thread for this... but all of the pinhole cameras I have used I made. Most were out of a shoe box and I would use some aluminum foil and the smallest hole I could manage with a small needle. It was a fun project but clearly pales when compared to higher tech and probably more thoroughly thought out versions that others have shared.

Still 3017'ing my way through a brick of Vitos so I guess I am still in.

I used the OneBlade (that took me out of sabbatical) this morning. It’s really an amazing shave. It’s going in 3:00 and my face is still crazy smooth. No weepers and not a hint of razor burn, even on my neck where I have a couple of spots prone to redness if I’m not super careful.

I won’t lie, it feels a little like a cartridge razor, especially with the plastic head of the core. But for a quick, mindless shave I don’t have any other razors that compare (and I probably have 40–but mostly to collect; I only use a few of them regularly). No regrets spending that $20.



I think I am missing something WRT the One Blade. I thought this was an electric shaving widget from Philips usually hawked at Holiday Time....


I think I am missing something WRT the One Blade. I thought this was an electric shaving widget from Philips usually hawked at Holiday Time....

There's a Oneblade electric thing from Phillips, but there is a OneBlade razor that uses the Feather FHS-10 blades.
Well, for kicks I decided to try face lathering the last couple of days, and I must say I'm impressed! My lather (Tabac) seems slicker and more protective, and my shaves actually seem a touch closer with zero irritation! Without my focus on obtaining soaps and razors I have really been able to focus on my shave - another win for the sabbatical in my books...
I have also started face lathering and hand lathering after 4+ years of bowl lathering exclusively. Doing a lot more rotation with brushes and noticing differences. Since January, I have been sticking pretty much with a few razors and blades that I had not used a lot. Today I would rate my top 5 as:1. Parker Variant; 2. Parker 24C: 3. Gillette New; 4. Red Tip Superspeed; 5. Fat Handle Tech. That is only the DE side- I would have to have another list for SE. SO far restraint has been a positive experience and I hope to continue. Stay healthy!


Number 1 is Charcoal Goods Level 3 open comb in brass, first generation. The other four depend on the day, and might include four of the following:

Wolfman WR1 .74 open comb
Wolfman WR2 1.35 open comb
PAA DOC Evolution in stainless
R41 2011
Paradigm 17-4
Rocnel Elite 2019 Aggressive
Timeless .78 bronze open comb

There might be another razor or two that belongs on my list, but as I can't remember them, they can't make the list, right?
I can't believe I forgot to mention my trusty ATT H2--my first truly great razor.
N0.15 checking in for the first quarter, the Jensen H-type is purring away on all eight cylinders; no problems encountered.
#52 is still in. The 1938 VW Beetle is still puttering along - no temptations to upgrade to a "better" car (as if there were anything better than a Beetle!), or switching to synthetic oil. :)
SOTD (# 61/2020)


Preshave: Proraso White pre-shave cream
Brush: Thäter 4125/2 2-Band Silvertip Badger Imperial Red 26 Fan Rounded
Soap: Cyril R. Salter ~ Classic Almond SC (Sample)
Razor: Gillette 40's style Super Speed
Blade: Wilkinson Sword Germany (2)
Postshave: frigid tap water, Nivea After Shave Balm.

JAHE - # 6 still in

(Soap Samples: minus 5)


Team 10 #56 checking in for Q1. The Henderson and I completed the Babe Lush soap just as the quarter is ending. It was held over from last years yearly. I will be moving to TOBS Avocado for my next 3017. Updated my Wiki page to reflect the current state of affairs. Motor on gentlemen. See you in the wind!
#16 quarterly checking in, running smoothly with my Bugatti...

Exception satisfied with a Lupo in stainless DLC coated. Finished a bunch of products and continuing with Speick and Palmolive creams. I also used some soaps just for fun.
Shaving every day surely put a dent in my stash and I am thoroughly enjoying every shave.
Switching between boar and different grades of badger brushes makes it less boring. I am using a product until finish, mostly, with the occasional escapade.
I read about all new Semogue brushes and stainless razors that came out or are about to, and I wish there were at least two exceptions a year. :blush:
Oh well... One of those Semogues will make its way into my den in 2021.

I hope everyone is safe and enjoying the journey.
Top 5 razors(all Gillette razors):
  1. Black Beauty 109, the roomy long handle almost ruined me for any standard length handles.
  2. Fat Boy
  3. Rocket Red Tip
  4. 1947-48 Aristocrat
  5. Rocket HD 500
Top 5 razors:
Razorock Mamba .70
Gillette Slim
Feather AC
Portland Razor Co. 6/8 Spanish tip
OneBlade Core (I dropped out of sabbatical for this, and I've used it every day since I got it...)