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2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies

It's Hedley

It's Hedley checking in with my last purchase of 2019. This F2 Fatboy was purchased from a B&B member just after Christmas. After receiving, it was then promptly sent to Maui, disassembled, partially shipped to North Carolina, then back to Maui and on to me, arriving today (all pre-paid in 2019 mind you!). The majority of the Fatboy is black rhodium and the adjuster dial is black Cerakote. I can paint the adjuster dial numbers with enamel model paint should I need some pop, so you may see this razor with red numbers or green, possibly yellow? The Sabbatical is long my friends, so a little variety comes in handy.


It's Hedley, entry #50 in my 1930 Moon Ruxton Model C, still strong!
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still in, the light by the shower has burnt out, however so I shaved in the dark this morning (there's ambient light from the vanity). It doesn't count if I go buy light bulbs does it?
That's not really shaving related, more of a household maintenance item.
I built a house in 2019... it is 80ft from the water heater to the master bath. It would take a significant amount of time to get warm water to the MB (like 2.5 minutes or so). I had a recalculation line installed to reduce the "hot water lag" to something a bit more normal. It is awesome to not have to wait for hot water for my morning shower. Oh I am still in a) because I spent the money last year and b) after shaving with cold water for several years... I have become used to it and that is what I do even ... with hot water available. The hot showers OTOH are a welcome change.

Ruckin - still in and on the verge of retiring a de blade and a 400ml bottle of aftershave.
SOTD (# 27/2020)

Preshave: Proraso White pre-shave cream
Brush: Semogue 830
Soap: Barrister and Mann ~ Waves (Sample)
Razor: shimmed Gillette Tech Ball End (E2/USA)
Blade: Wilkinson Sword / Germany (6)
Postshave: fridig tap water, Majestät AS, Nivea After Shave Balm.

JAHE (still in)



IIRC, Treewhale bought a whole-house water heater. He then, well, you know! ;)

I also bought a whole-house water heater during a restraint a few years back. I also bought a new water pump two years ago during a restraint. Right at Christmastime, too. Almost into the restock period.

But, for both, I remained In because I didn't call myself Out. Yes, I do use water for wet shaving, and hot water at that. But, neither are shaving items, especially as I don't live alone here on the farm. The difference is that Treewhale called himself out. I strongly suspect because, well, you know! ;)

Stan - Still In
SOTD (# 28/2020)

Preshave: Proraso White pre-shave cream
Brush: Semogue Owners Club Boar
Soap: Gentleman's Nod ~ Vincent #11 (Sample)
Razor: shimmed Gillette Tech Ball End (E2/USA)
Blade: Wilkinson Sword / Germany (7)
Postshave: fridig tap water, Nivea After Shave Balm.

JAHE (still in)
I thought we would have had had higher numbers myself. I know the first month is the "hump" for me so yay. Here is to success.
Finished up my first soap of the year this morning. It was a sample of Stirling Pharos Dreamsicle. I got 33 shaves from that sample puck, which is right in line with others I have used to completion.

Next up, I think I am going to start working on a tub of Razorock Mudder Focker. Have used it twice, but I am really interested to see how long a Razorock tub will last with my usage. I have another 9 tubs of Razorock in different scents to use at some point, and I want to get an estimation of how long they will last.
Fabulous shave today, head and face. Doing the same blade since I got the PAA starling . Oc, tabac. Head I used my clippers to Nick down the fuzz, then paa Ascension with a wizamet. Tabac as well.