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2020 NFL Season


Looks like I'm a Bills fan for the next few weeks.

Lots of Bills fans here in Toronto.

I try to get across the border to a Bills gave every couple of years and have been a fan for decades. First playoff win in 25 years. Since the Jim Kelly/Thurman Thomas days.


Tom Brady is still good at football.
One cool competitor. It was interesting to hear some of the comments from his teammates. One receiver said he was in high school when Brady was in the pros. Another said he has learned more from him in a few months than all of his college career.
The Bills got through the last 2 games with their offense struggling a bit compared to previous weeks. The difference IMO? a limited Cole Beasley. The Defense however is looking great. They were somewhat maligned during the season when they weren't healthy but Leslie Frazier's got them humming along now. Can they beat the Chiefs? While I think the Chiefs are the overall stronger team, there's a good chance of an upset.

On the other side... Aaron Rodgers just looks unstoppable at the moment.


Been a Chief's fan since the days of Len Dawson. Prefer BBQ to Beef on Weck.
My Mom used to work at the Bills training camp around Orchard Park back in the 60's.
One day..she brought home for me a Styrofoam football autographed by a lot of the team members back then.
Among those I remember...Jack Kemp, Darryl Lamonica, Paul McGuire, Tom Sestak, Elbert Dubenion, and who could forget "Cookie" Gilchrist.
Sure wish I had that football today......
I'm thinking Mahomes and his crew are gonna tune up the Bucs like a cheap FM radio😆
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