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Charity Auction 2019 Vendor Appreciation for Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser


Needs milk and a bidet!
We would like to thank the following vendors for their generous donations to the Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Captain’s Choice
Captain’s Choice Store

A family owned business that manufactures the best specialty aftershaves, lather bowls and shaving soaps available.

Q Brothers
Q Brothers store
Merz Apothecary is a Chicago landmark and a mecca for people who want unique and natural products for their bodies. The store sends packages to customers around the world and has been featured often in local, national, and international media. Over the years the careful product selection has continued, and now the shop boasts, among its impressive product assortment, the largest collection of natural and luxury soaps from around the world under one roof.

Rudy Vey
Custom Brushes by Rudy Vey store
Creating shaving brushes, razors and writing instruments that are beyond ordinary is our goal. Each item is uniquely hand crafted by us personally, no two are exactly alike. We take pride in our work and enjoy knowing our customers use the products on a daily basis. Let us know how we can bring your ideas to fruition.
Glad to see these vendors generously donating goods for such a great cause. Special props to my local shop, Q Brothers. This is one of many reasons they're my go-to brick & mortar wet-shave shop!!


Sheena is a Punk Rocker!
This is another fine reason to support those vendors who support not only us but our causes as well.

Rudy Vey

For me it is always important to support this cause!! Sue was great person, too bad she left us so early!
Thanks to the vendors! I know we have some very generous businesses that not only need to make a profit but desire to give back to the community.

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Rudy Vey

My two donations to this awesome auction are on their way to the winners!! Hope the enjoy them for a long time!
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