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2019 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - The Maltese Falcon Razor

"The Bond's Name. James Name."
Pleased to... What?
"Bond's Name the james."
Are you alright?
"Bames Nondes having a stronk, call a Bondulance"
I’m planning on being in the 2020 sabbatical. I like the car race theme; other themes are as good and could be incorporated into the main narrative. Hope for twisted plot(s) and grizzly deaths.

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Speaking of grizzly deaths... .. .

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It's November and that means two months left to cruise through. Still in. Still 3017 the puck of PdP No 63 - it's about 1/4 done now. At this rate it will last me through all of next year.

Still good on soaps, blades, aftershaves, and content with my existing razors and brushes


I am re-posting this about next year's restraint (GRU). So far eight members have voted for next year's theme. I will vote at the end.

So if you have not voted, make a selection and see what the new theme will be.

From some posts and hints from this year's operatives I have come up with four introductory story-lines.
  1. A car rally taking place across Europe in 1933, and based on the movie "Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies"
  2. A spy/James Bond theme taking place around Europe and the Mediterranean in 1963, and based on the movie "From Russia With Love'
  3. A WWII plot based on the movie "Kelly's Hero's"
  4. A western them taking place in the south-west during 1863, and based on the movie "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly"

Beginning paragraphs are below. So cast your votes. Will tally the votes after November 24th.. and post the winning theme and rules.

Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Cars

The Great Rally has been announced, London to Vienna, with stops in Paris, Berlin, and Budapest. Who can complete the arduous journey, avoid breakdowns, and dangers to claim the coveted gold trophy. Will you be part of the winners circle who will drink champagne out of the gold cup, encircled with gold razors and brushes, encrusted with jewels.

How will your team do in their 1920's to early 30's vehicles. Who will be able to avoid a dangerous brush with disaster, will the slippery and slick road cause doom for the contestants, who can shave off a few minutes in this great rally. There will be razor's edge tension as they line up at the starting line.

Rally teams will choose a period car from one of the links below.
Category:1930s cars - Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:1930s_cars
Category:1920s cars - Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:1920s_cars


From Russia with Shaving Supplies
You stand before the large carved oaken desk, and wait as the grey-haired figure behind it finishes writing. The office is dim, only a couple of wall sconces and the bankers lamp on the desk provide illumination. Finally the pen is laid aside, and a pipe picked up. The initial draws as it is lit remind you of a blacksmith's bellows that you heard as a child, when at a country fair in the distant past. "Good evening. Something has come up, important, and worthy of your doubble-0 distinction. Station O in Istanbul, and I need not remind you of its importance as the bridge between the Occident and Orient, has had several interesting intercepts from the Russian station in the Balkans. We have several well placed agents in some of the Russian barbershops and supply stations. Seems that one of their cypher clerks has fallen in love with you, ... or least your file and photograph. Yes, yes I understand the absurdity of it all, but I suppose it is no different than our young people falling over these film stars. Amazing, 1963 and the youth are so easily led astray. Anyway, your mission is to travel there, make contact with our man in Istanbul who will provide further information, and assess the situation. if, and I stress the "if", you think we can get something useful from her, then by all means carry on. We will provide what we can from London. So are you ready for these "Russian Shaving Supplies"?"


Kelly's Razor Hero's
R & R, rest and a long deserved relaxation. You and the boys have been pushed hard, many did not make it past the beaches. Then came those hedgerows, sunken roads, small towns with a maze of streets and alleys, all filled with the enemy. Finally the others get sent up to the front and you get some time to rest and recuperate. Sitting under an apple tree, have a cup-o-joe you see Kelly, the platoon leader coming back, and rushing off to see the supply sergeant. Looks like something is up, just as you got some clean clothes and a bath, some hot food and coffee.

Later that night, sitting around a fire built in the corner of a ruined house the story comes out. Kelly scanned the crowd, looked around for eavesdroppers; "I was out scouting when I came upon a wounded German officer. Upon inspection he had papers in a briefcase describing several sets of gold shaving objects that were being cast, bowls, razors, stands brush handles and such. It seems that there was a large supply of gold bars waiting to be melted and cast before the invasion happened. Now it has been hidden and the officer was taking the details to his commander when his convoy came under artillery fire. He was the only survivor. The gold is hidden in the village of Clermont, but just as he got to that part, one of our planes came along on a strafing run and the German officer was killed." Kelly pauses looking around at the gathered faces, silence prevails. "So we know there is a large supply of gold in the village of Clermont. Shouldn't be too many safe place s to hide a supply of gold, you know how careful the Germans are." There is some rustling of papers and then a voice pipes up, "Clermont! that's way behind enemy lines. How do you think you'll get there? Ask the Germans for a pass?"

Kelly scowled at the voice, takes a cigarette and lights it. "We got maps, we got weapons, supplies, a small group can sneak past the lines, the front is so mobile neither the Germans or our commanders know where it is at any given time. We can do it. So who's in?"


Razors: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Texas, 1863 the War of Northern Aggression still rages on. Picking up a copy of the latest newspaper you read about the latest stagecoach and its shipment that disappeared. It appears that some uppity fella by the name of Rockefeller was having a shipment of gold razors sent to his home back in New York. Damn, another carpetbagger got what he deserved you think. Then the image of a strongbox filled with gold razors and shaving kits comes to mind. You could really use that gold, easy to melt and all. Now let's see, what was the path of the stagecoach? Time to plan a trip and see what we find.


@Pepin is it okay if we increase the re stock to 3 weeks per my post on the last page?

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21 days for a restock seems rather long, it is close to a month.

While it has been one week traditionally, I can see extending it to 14 days. That should be a good window to get items ordered, and equipment sent off for replating or repairs.
21 days for a restock seems rather long, it is close to a month.

While it has been one week traditionally, I can see extending it to 14 days. That should be a good window to get items ordered, and equipment sent off for replating or repairs.
Thanks for that I didn't know it was traditionally only one week I would have not participated

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I am okay with any of the themes. But part of the fun for me is getting the semi irregular installments of the next chapter in the story I would turn this around and vote for the one that Pepin would get the most excited writing.

Or maybe we could mix them all... it would feature a guy named Clint who for a few dollars more entered a auto race but his real goal is to sneak (driving?) behind enemy lines with a small hand picked team, but nobody knows that he actually has another super secret object to locate the evil super genius that has developed a dooms day device that threatens to destroy the world. Little did Clint know that when he confronts the bad guy he would need to win a martini making contest to save his own skin.

Nah, I will vote for whatever Pepin would be most interested in writing...
I like the car rally idea. I’m planning to join again next year and hope to succeed. I’ll have to give better thought to my exception and not go out on a seasonal soap.
Nah, I will vote for whatever Pepin would be most interested in writing...
+1 for that.:001_cool:

But if not, then I'll cast my vote for the car race. The bond scenario seems that it would be entirely too similar to this year's theme. The old west would be a close second, but how may ways can one write about shootouts? I definitely do not believe that WWII should be used. It's just my own personal belief that war should not be romanticized.

I'm currently uncertain about my joining next year's sabbatical. There are several things that I want to try and many of them are seasonal. Depending on what I can get during the restock window, and my one exception, and the annual auction, I might make it. I've really learned from this (my first) sabbatical. I'm very glad I'm part of the 'in' crowd (however small it is getting at this point). What is the cutoff for joining next year?