2019 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - The Maltese Falcon Razor

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    I'm being reminded of why I'm in the sabbatical again -- that puck of Col. Conk is STILL alive, although finally beginning to get really thin and has a big hole in it. 144 shaves on it so far, and I think it will last through the month, almost 5 month. I have at least 20 more soaps.....
  1. I have the MMOC, too. I prefer the 1912, but I’ve never used the MMOC consistently because the random times I use it I get a fair amount of irritation.
  2. That's a great soap, with a great scent.
  3. The sabbatical is going unexpectedly well. The key is to stop looking at shops with brushes and delete incoming emails from shops without opening them.
  4. the key to the sabbatical is one day one shave at a time.

    Or you just don't shave like I did today......then you don't think about it
  5. My guess would be too much pressure with the additional comparative weight of the MMOC. Maybe some angle too. I don’t find the difference to be that great, but I put down my 1912 after I got my hands on an MMOC.
  6. Last year, you mentioned you averaged 57 shaves/Williams puck. Is that still the case? How many passes do you make?

  7. My sabbatical so far...

    I am only 4 samples (approx 1 month) away from finally eighty-sixing them all and completing my first hit list. In doing this, I realized how great Taylor of Old Bond Street creams are. The performance and face feel are almost indescribable. It's like the sirens song of an elegant British Vixen. I'm disappointed but also glad that it is out of the price range I find acceptable for a shave soap/cream. $2/oz is about the max I can justify paying and it is about $3-$4/oz. If it wasn't, I would get rid of everything I have and be out of this sabbatical in a heartbeat. This struggle is real.

    I'm starting to like my badger brush. It is so much different from my boar that I didn't care for it at first. It's so much softer and so different in lathering. I was surprised that the lather was so much different between the 2 brushes. The lather from the boar is more light and fluffy and the lather from the badger is thicker and creamier, more yogurt like. There was no difference in the performance of either. They both provide amazing lather for amazing shaves,

    I have dialed in my favorite razor and PIF'd 2.

    #67, still in and finding new enjoyments.
  8. Great to hear you found some key things out during the sabbatical! I’m a badger guy also

  9. I’m still more of a boar guy. It does build lather faster than the badger and is better on hard soaps but the badger will keep its place in my den.
  10. I prefer badger for all creams and soaps except when i am using MWF. It is my experience that synthetic or boar brushes stand up to the puck better than badger.
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    @Brian C.,I need to find out how much of the ToOBS I use for each shave, because while it does cost around $15-$20 for each tub, they tend to weight anywhere from 240g-260+. After exchanging messages with Taylor, the minimum weight of each new, filled tub should be 219g, as the empty tub, with lid, weighs 69g. If I have the ability to burn through 2 tubs in a year, I’ll be shocked.
    They still will end up costing me a little more than the cheap canned goo, but should save me over the course of the year, and I get to use good stuff. It’s a win in my book.
  12. I’m seeing $15 for just a hair over 5oz.(141g). That’s $3 an oz. what you’re saying is more inline with $2-2.50 an oz. That I could live with.

    Plus, this sounds an awful lot like enabling. HAHA.
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    Be strong...Easter & Father’s Day are both around the corner.
  14. Last Williams puck lasted 5 months of daily, two pass shaves. Occasionally three, or a lot of touchups, as blades age or I get sloppy. Current average is 95 shaves per puck

    Something on the order of 0.35 grams of soap per shave, maybe less. Don't need much to make my face slick after all.
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    @REV579 and @Brian C.
    I'm curious.
    Source will affect the price.
    Since you are quoting different prices and weights, where do you buy the ToBS?
  16. I just looked at TOBS website and did the conversion to USD, WCS and Amazon.
  17. Thanks.
  18. Julian date: 53
    Days remaining: 312

    Percent completed: 14.5%
    10-Day Mission (2)
    Day 2 - Complete

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    I traded into my last tubs, and one was an exchange. Before that, I bought a bunch when a store was closing up for good. Look for sales and free shipping.

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