2015 B&B Bingo: Safety Razor Edition

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by imatabor, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. imatabor

    imatabor Contributor

    Don, wear it with pride, you earned it!!!
    (see if you can find the hidden message on the shirt?:tongue_sm)
  2. Nice shirt I've been wanting to buy one of those shirts. I'm trying to decide what color. That grey looks good
  3. WildWest74

    WildWest74 Contributor Ambassador

    I thought I saw the hidden message, but it turned out it was just Ernest juggling cats while simultaneously eating tamales and chocolate cake, all while riding a unicorn, trying to outrun a dancing spider.
  4. gagi

    gagi Contributor

    +1 :a14:

    Maybe it's account number on Cayman?:lol:
  5. imatabor

    imatabor Contributor

    The stuff that dreams are made of:thumbup:

    Bonus: fast forward 2017
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  6. I thought it was BigFoot.
  7. Parjay

    Parjay Moderator Emeritus

  8. Attention Bingo Players!!!

    There is a new bingo game starting up in the Badger and Blade Bingo Survivors Club, and since you played in this game, you are all eligible. If you want to play another bingo game and keep the fun going, come on over and sign up!

    Be on the lookout for Bocephus.... he can't wait to come visit the winner!

    3BSC Bingo Sign Up
  9. dangerousdon

    dangerousdon Moderator Contributor

    Just a friendly reminder...sign-ups have begun in the aftershave forum for a new round of Badger & Blade Bingo! If interested...and you should be...follow the link, read the rules, sign up, and have some fun!

    B&B Bingo: Aftershave Edition...PART 2

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