2015 B&B Bingo: Safety Razor Edition

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by imatabor, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. skypsyd

    skypsyd Contributor

    LOL wait till you see it LOL
  2. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    this is a long vid of one of our races but at 4:28 you can catch a burnout and if you look around you'll find a few runs. good ol youtube

    sorry didn't mean to hyjack the thread.
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  3. dangerousdon

    dangerousdon Moderator Contributor

    Thanks guys for everything...John, that was a great game you called.
  4. imatabor

    imatabor Contributor

    I want to thank everyone for playing along. I had a lot of fun in calling this. I learned that you can edit alot of things on the post that was never meant to be edited. My goal was to have fun. I hope that you didn't get too frustrated along the way.

    I'm hope that while searching around you came across a corner of the Safety Razor section that you might have never explored before. There are so many knowledgeable folks in the DE, SE and Blade sections. I hope you all continue to check out different sections, there is much we all can learn.

    Lastly, thanks goes to Forefather (Dane) for inventing this game and asking me to be involved in some small way.

    Time to go back to normal.

  5. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

    Great Game thanks again..........till the next time.:001_cool::laugh:
  6. Thanks for all of the entertainment, everyone! Congrats on the win, Don!
  7. skypsyd

    skypsyd Contributor

    Thanks to you John and why cant I find a link in this post:lol:
  8. Thank you John and Dane for the great game - it was lots of fund and congratulations to Don!!!
  9. gagi

    gagi Contributor

    Congratulations Don!!! I'm sory for sleeping through final party... Feeling weird, when everything is over... John, you were great, every day surprising us, well done sir! Next caller has big shoes to fill:thumbup1:
    I'm glad it's over while you're still sane:lol:
    Mrlandpirate, congrats on a great weekend!
    Everyone thanks!!!
    Till next time!
  10. WildWest74

    WildWest74 Contributor

    Congrats, Don! I'm thankful I don't need to spend ANOTHER morning hunting for links in insane locations!
  11. -EdG

    -EdG Contributor


    Congratulations, Don! :thumbup:

    Ah heck, I was so close though...


    Imatabor, thank you for hosting the game. You were doing things I didn't even know could be things! Quite the challenge!

  12. Ended up with 10/33 words. With not many close calls. Thanks, John, for lots of fun and frustrstion. Can't wait till next bingo!!

    By the way, do I earn extra points for being the only player to use Daleks for marking my words?

  13. Nice coffee ring!
  14. fordfather

    fordfather Moderator

    Loving the slingshots & floppers!
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  15. Blaidth

    Blaidth Contributor

    Congrats Don... Sorry I'm late to the party.
    Great calling John.

    BTW what was the next words going to be? I only needed 1 on one row and 1 on one column. Either would have given me bingo...
    So we survived, but now what to do?:laugh:

    Edit: I see next words are posted on 3BSC.
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  16. I can't seem to upload any pictures right now....but I only needed one word to win for a third time!!!

    Congrats to Don. I know how it feels to post that you won and be expecting the torch and pitchfork crowd to run at you after leaving the beaten and burning body of the Bingo caller behind. Enjoy that shirt. I'm a fan of that shirt.

    John, that was a lot of fun, but seriously, you should never be allowed to call bingo ever again. My head hurt from that experience. And my work has suffered as a result. You sir, are devilishly devious. Well played.
  17. That's how you know how serious I was about it. On my desk, the more coffee appears on papers, the harder/longer I worked on said papers.
  18. bobmsp

    bobmsp Contributor

    Congrats to Don and to the rest of you survivors. I dropped out last weekend. Between workload and the stress of trying to find things, I decided that my life would be much more sane if I stopped obsessing about it. I've been checking in every day or two though to see how things are going!
  19. dangerousdon

    dangerousdon Moderator Contributor

    So I wanted to say thanks again to John and Dane for the incredible amount of frustration...eh hem...fun, that I had playing this month's edition of Badger & Blade Bingo.

    So in the mail today I received my award for throwing a tantrum and acting like a child...wait, what? I mean getting 5 squares in a row. The T-Shirt is awesome...and more importantly it fits. See pic below, but don't look too hard, it's big enough to be a tarp. Thanks again guys!

    $T Shirt.jpg
  20. skypsyd

    skypsyd Contributor

    Awesome Don Congrats!!

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