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2014 Formula 1 pre-season discussion

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Some truly awful decisions being made IMO.
Double points? Knee jerk stupidity.
Driver's numbers? Why? You can't even see them on the car. You identify the drivers by helmets and T-bars. The scoreboard uses the 3 letter abbreviation for the drivers, not numbers! The numbers are truly meaningless. I didn't see
the whole rule in print, but what happens when a driver with a number, for instance Kimi chooses 69 :lol: and then wins the championship and get's the number 1. Can some rookie choose his 69 if he flies the #1?
Are the announcers going to now use the numbers? The don't use them much now, it's usually something like, "Massa in the number 2 Ferrari" etc, not Massa in the #4. (or whatever the number of Massa's car was, heck I watch every session and don't even know.)

How drunk are these guys when they meet for these rule sessions??
Double the points for the last race of the season makes no sense to me. It would only be a factor if the driver that is second in the championship were within 49 points of the first place driver and that person would loose the championship if they failed to finish and the second place driver won. In the context of this past season it would have had zero effect to the season.

As for the numbers, F1 has had terrible numbers for generations. As a former timer I can tell you that you do have to be quick to spot them. However, not being superstitious, I don't see the need to keep one number for your entire career. This is exactly what they do in MotoGP though. The series champion sports the number 1 on their bike and the rest of the field keep their numbers for the length of time they are in the series, I don't know what they do if two riders want the same number. What Nicky Hayden did when he one the championship was to have the "1" on the bike made up of a whole bunch of "69s". Yes, his chosen number is 69 and I'm pretty sure that it is up to the rookie to find a way to fit in.
Bernie is just too old now. Time to give up and let someone else do a good job.

I can't say that I disagree with you, but the only problem is that there is no succession plan in place. I know that Horner has been mentioned as a potential successor in the media, however I see him as a follower not a leader IMO.
IMO, the whole 'Horner should succeed me' was just typical Bernie nonsense, trying to get a rise out of someone.
Ross might be a more realistic choice from my perspective. Bernie will never give it up though. It's a pry it out of his cold dead hands sort of thing.
The drivers should have "veto" power, not Ferrari. I don't imagine they even have a representative in these rules meetings.
They are taking ques from Nascar. Trying to make the season more interesting and dumbing the spectator experience to numbers and not drivers.
Also still fuming about the double points. This will only provoke even more team orders.

Usually it bernie suggesting things like this to stirr the pot
I don't like the idea of double points. I don't really care about the numbers, like most I identify the driver by the helmet. I don't believe a thing Bernie ever says, he's impossible to read.
The number idea is something that is done in a good number of motorsports around the world. The way F1 did the numbers is more proper. It was an invention of the European way. Outside of FIA regulated racing, the only series I can think of that do this are GP2 (which emulates F1) and DTM. Quite honestly, I could care less what number is on the side of the car. It's the driver that matters to me.

As for double points the last race of the season, that's just idiotic. There's no logical explanation as to why that race is twice as important as any other race. I will never understand why a sport will change the basic fundamentals of the game during a championship time period. Penalty kicks in soccer are the same way. You spend 120 minutes putting your blood, sweat, and tears into a game that is ultimately decided by chance? It just makes no sense whatsoever. When you start coming up with ideas like this, it's time to go.
I think that I've seen the points scoring system change twice, meaning we are on the third iteration, in my 49 years. Using double points for the last race is dumb and as I've said above only comes into play if it is close going into the last race.

Mind you, this is up there with other suggestions by Bernie like random sprinklers, land mines, snipers, etc. What makes more sense is setting design and material specifications to a point that all teams can work with efficiently and effectively. Stick to the specs and the rules and don't change them, force the teams and designers to do their jobs.
The problem is that this is not Bernie (the commercial boss) but the FIA who can set the rules and only Ferrari can veto.


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So will Ferrari's mantra be "just stay within 50 points of Vettel"?

In a related story, the National Football League has announced that the last touchdown of a game will count as 12 points, with the ensuing extra point attempt counting for 2 or 4 points, as necessary.
I'm looking forward to the new pit stop rule where the driver has to exit the car, do the hokie pokie and then re enter the race minus one driving glove.
Readable numbers are great for manual timing, but using GPS type technology renders the need to see numbers redundant. That having been said, all open wheel formulas have traditionally had hard to read numbers.
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