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For sale is 2014 B&B LE Brush, #38/50 with a Shavemac Finest knot. It comes with its instruction card and storage tube:

The description of this brush from it's Launch Post in the B&B Contributors Forum:

"The brush handle is made from tortoiseshell resin, and then after the handle is turned, sanded and buffed, the inside is drilled out and a clear resin filled into the hollow. This makes the brush handle translucent.

The handle is approx. 53 mm long, so a medium length that either used for face lather or bowl lather.

The knots are a custom made Shavemac knot. The brush is offered with either a finest (Shavemac mixes some 65-70% of their superbly soft silvertip hair with some 30-35% of highest quality Pure hair to give a nice, but not overwhelming backbone) or Silvertip D01 Two-band. Knot shape is this time is a bulb, the hair of the D01 does not allow shaping the knot as much as a round bulb than the Finest.

Knot size is in both cases 26 mm and the lofts are set at about 52 mm (ratio 1:2). I try to keep all measurements with a +/- 1 mm deviation."

AND from the B&B Product Release WIKI page:

"Launched on May 14, 2014 by Bigfoot in the Contributor Forum, this years brush was again made by Rudy Vey, this time out of a tortoiseshell resin. 2 knots were available for purchase with the brush a shavemac finest for $135.00 USD, and a D01 Two band for $195.00 USD. 50 total brushes were made for the 2014 LE and sold out quickly. The markings on the bottom of the brush had logs of both B&B with its "Badger Head" as well as Rudy Veys logo, along with the LE number of each brush that was purchased. The brush was popular it sold completely out in about 24 hours time, never making it out of the Contributors Forum Launch, making a new record for a B&B Limited Edition Brush."

I am asking $105.00 shipped within the CONUS (there may be an extra fee if you want it shipped to Canada). The first person to pay is the one who gets it. Paypal only. Sales to U.S. and Canada members only.


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Brush is sold....not really sure how to close the thread in this new format:a52:

Thanks B&B.
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