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2011 Muhle R41 - anything best this razor since?

I have the original "beast" R41 in both standard and Grande handled versions. Also, have an R89 that I regularly use.

It's been quite a while since I looked at razors, so does anyone have any new insights on what's out there now or subsequent R41 revisions by Muhle?
I use the R41 base plate with a Yintal Bronze top cap - a little narrower than the original. I love it. I use upgraded handles.

As a R41 user I also like and use the Karve OC E plate and I would recommend that as comparable in efficiency. Probably also the F plate, but I don't have that one.
The Yagi Mellon top cap looks cool. Certainly interesting to try for the $9 shipping to me cost.

Going to a more narrow cap (Yintal Bronze), would give more blade exposure, no?

Wow, the Karve is pricey but super nice!
I really want to purchase the 2011 Muhle R 41, or at least its head; can anybody possibly help me with that challenge? Unfortunately I couldn't find it anywhere.
Your answer will be highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
Have a look at the Muhle Rocca. All stainless, at a reasonable price and beautifully finished, as you'd expect from Muhle. In terms of aggression it falls somewhere between the 89 and the 41, but oh so smooth. Blade alignment is spot on every time and the head is very low profile, which makes getting to those tricky areas very easy. Versions 1 and 2 had some QC issues, which are well documented, but I have version 3 which is, imo, perfect in every way. In terms of looks I really can't think of another razor that beats it.