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200 Personna Platinum $14.98

In looking at some of the customer reviews of these blades, I am not sure what they are. One customer review shows the back of the package. It says the blades are made in Israel, but it also has the Accutec Blades logo. Accutec is the USA manufacturer of the Lab Blue and Med Prep blades sold under the Personna name.

Production at the Nazareth Israel plant ceased sometime in 2019, with a final shipment of blades from Israel to Accutec in early 2020. Thus, it may be that these blades were some of the final shipment from the Israeli plant. However, that does not mean that they are the same as Israeli Reds. One reviewer indicated that the "X" blades were not as sharp as Lab Blues, so it appears they are not the same as the Israeli Reds, which I find to be even sharper than Lab Blues.

The Israeli plant made several different blades; it is impossible to know which blades this product represents. However, it is unlikely that these are the same Personna Platinum bladesa, at least not at this price.

If you want real Personna Israeli Reds, they are still available, but at a premium price. You can also get the Personna Platinum blades made in Germany at a more typical price. Most people who have tried both blades find them to be essentially identical. They may well have relocated the Israeli machines to Germany.
There was a thread on these from a bit ago
$7.50/100 is not a bad price.
at that price, it's a deal whether they're lab blues, israeli reds, or german relocations.

If the blades were Accutech Lab Blues, Israeli Reds, or Personna Platinum blades now made in Germany, that would indeed be a deal. However, if they are lesser blades, then they might not be quite the deal you expected.
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