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FSOT 200 DE Blades for sale

200 DE blades of various names, types, and amounts for sale. I have finally come to a decision as to what I like. So I would like to make a great big lot of Blades that any newbie to DE shaving would be happy to have for testing and learning for half the price and 10% less work in trying to figure out what to try.

40.00 Shipped Cont US only.

NAME: Count:

Astra, Platinum 20

Astra, Stainless 04

Bic, Chrome Platinum 09

Derby, Extra 07

Derby, Premium 01

Dorco, Platinum, 300ST 11

Dorco, Prime Platinum 19

Dorco, Stainless, 301ST 15

Gillette, 7o’clock Platinum (Black) 13

Gillette, 7o’clock Stainless (Green) 04

Gillette, Nacet 05

Gillette, Perma-sharp 04

Gillette, Platinum (Blue) 04

Gillette, Silver & Blue 05

Kai, Stainless 09

Ladas, Super Stainless 06

Lord, Platinum 05

Personna, Platinum Chrome (Reds) 10

Personna Platinum (German Red) 10

Rapira, Platinum Lux 05

Rapira, Stainless 01

Rapira, Super Stainless 03

Wooden box not included. Ha.

Shark, Super Chrome 05

Voskhod, Teflon Coated 11

Wilkinson Sword 05

Wizumet, Super, Iridium 09


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My favs are:
Gillette Nacet
Gillette Silver, Blue
Personna Platinum

The Gillette's are about the same to me except the Silver, Blue feels thicker.
The Personna has a bit more keenness and lasts longer than the Gillettes.
The feather is very keen but I can only get 3 shaves from a blade so I use it in my most aggressive razors. It's more of a "use it twice and toss it" but it sure shaves close!
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