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20,000 Shaves Under the Sea -- Myatt Daymark Adjustable

Mine is similar but doesn't have the 'adjuster' function - very unusual. If I remember correctly, mine is pretty aggressive, so I suspect that this one will be too?

So art deco. I think member onotoman has one of that but I am not sure. Tightening knob adjusting is unique for British razors, I guess. If it accepts modern blades, that will be good for you.
Bumping necro threads seems to be common here, so I'm bumping this one.

This little beauty arrived this week. I don't have anything to add about the razor itself. I don't have an original Myatt blade, so with some careful measurements and a bit of experimentation I modified a modern blade to suit and can answer the question as to how it shaves

Its a very efficient shaver but has no blade feel. After the first stroke, I actually checked to see if it did anything. I used a new suitably modified Wizamet Super Iridium.

Using current blades, I wouldn't really consider this to be an adjustable razor. I'm guessing that the original blades were thicker and had more spring in them allowing more adjustment.

Ah-yes, how did I modify the blade. Easy, I engraved the "unwanted" pieces out...

Simply one of the most beautiful razors I ever saw :001_wub::001_wub::001_wub:

congrats Claudio!!
Thanks Peter.

How does this razor adjust exactly?
By loosening the twist knob, which in turn opens the top cap up a bit. Very basically, the curvature of the blade is the spring, loosen it too much and you are shaving with a loose blade. Thats why I say that using current blades I wouldn't really consider it a serious adjustable.

Other "adjustables" that use the same idea are a Red Ring, a Darwin and even the Phoenix Ascension. If you take that one step further, any razor that puts some curvature on the blade is thus adjustable.
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