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FT 2 x Coticule/BBWs (and a Swaty 2 Line)

I'd like to trade a couple of cotis for other stones. I want to keep this as a trade for the moment because these were lucky finds that I didn't pay much for, and it'd feel a bit like flipping if I just wanged them up for sale immediately. If nothing comes of it I might offer them for sale after, but let's see if we can swap. Maybe someone else has found a nice old stone, that isn't as good for razors and wished it'd been a coticule...

Things I'd particularly like are; Labelled Pike/Norton/B-M Washita, Turkish, Charnley, TO'S. But other old/interesting stuff possibly too. Price for each is 1 stone - I don't massively care if your stone is 'worth' less in a fiscal sense.

NB - I am in Australia. But happy to send internationally if you are.


Stone 1 - was larger, but had a crack. So I sawed that end off and now it has a nagura/slurry stone. 140x42. Coticule layer is 4-5 mm, but in one place down to 2.5mm:





Stone 2 - has an interesting feature to the BBW - what looks like a very thin hybrid layer on the surface (?), which seems faster than regular BBW. Though as with Stone 1, the BBW is not naturally bonded to the coticule. Maybe someone else has seen this kind of thing before, but I've not. 177x38. Coticule layer is 5mm.





Bonus - If someone wants it I'll throw in this Franz Swaty Two Line that needs a bit of love. Or if someone in Aus wants to buy it then - $30 Aus inc. delivery, or $20 if you can pick up from me in the Adelaide Hills.


Let's have a bump for these and some prices for sale too. Would still prefer a swap, but can just sell, and I've tried to make the prices quite reasonable hopefully. (I guess I'll find out of they're good or bad shortly eh!)

Prices are in USD/AUS. Shipping is $30 US / $15 AU respectively.

Of the two cotis the first is quicker, the second is slower and finer. I prefer the first, but I mostly sharpen knives. You may like the second better for razors.

Vintage Coti/BBW #1 + 'tomo nagura' slurry stone. $60/$85

Vintage Coti/BBW #2. $60/$85

Franz Swaty 2 Line. $15/$20


I also have a couple of others if anyone fancies combining shipping, both have been used a bit, but plenty of life left. I can take pics and measurements if anyone is interested. Both have their original boxes, with the Naniwa that doubles as a stone holder.

Naniwa Gouken Kagayaki 3k - $35/$50

JNS Synthetic Red Aoto - $60/$85
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