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2 Week Update

Hi Everyone: I've been using my straight razor for two weeks now and I just thought I would check in with my progress. This morning I was able to do one complete WTG pass with the straight razor and about half my face XTG. Definitely starting to get the hang of this. Here's what I have learned so far:

1)Straight razor shaving definitely has a longer, steeper learning curve than DE shaving

2)It's infinitely more fun to shave with a straight razor

3)Biggest key for me is making sure I stretch the skin as much as possible. Much easier to get the razor to glide this way.

4)Obviously angle and light pressure are also important so that I don't get irritated.

5)Amazing how much closer a shave I get with the straight razor. I almost don't have to shave the next day (but that wouldn't be fun).

Thanks for everyone's help and advice on this sight. You're a great group of people.

You have embarked on a journey. Please keep in mind that this straight razor thing takes time, but at some point everything (technique, honing and stropping) will all come together. So if you think you're having fun now, just wait, it gets better.:w00t:
Stretching has been huge for me to. I found that I had a hard time finding an area of skin I could grab hold of when I used preshave oil. I know use a small 1x1" piece of shammy cloth (Sham-Wow, actually) and keep it on my stretching finger. It gribs the skin nicely and I can easily pull it taught.
If you're only two weeks in and you're already getting closer shaves than with the DE - wow! I'm about 6 weeks in, and I'm not at that point yet. Keep us posted on progress.
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