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FS 2 vintage single-edge razor lots

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Hello B&B!

I have 2 lots of vintage SE razors, one with 2 Schick injectors and the other with 3 GEM razors. I also have a nice Shave Forge boar brush mounted in an AP Shave Co black handle and a once used puck of Scheermonnik Puur (unscented) shave soap.

Scheermonnik Puur, 75g puck, used lightly once. I wiped the soap on 2 separate occasions with clean paper towel. $10
Also shown is the Shave Forge 28mm boar knot, 55mm loft, set in the APSCo handle.
6_18 soap sale.jpg

Schick Lot
Schick injector Type M
: per article by BBS (forum username), Schick Type M injectors for Dummies, this model was made between 1973 and 1984. Characteristics
D3: Dial sticker with cross in the middle
H3: Handle sticker “Adjustable by Schick”
G2: with Guard Protector lever
This injector can take Schick Twin Injector blades

Schick injector Type G, amber handle. This takes only single injector blades.

$40 for both with the brush or soap included.

6_18 razors sale.jpg

GEM Lot 2

GEM Contour

GEM Feather Weight

GEM Flying Wing with Guiding Eye (a.k.a. Bullet Tip)

All three plus soap or brush for $40

6_18 GEM sale.jpg

Schick Lot and Scheermonnik are SOLD!

Contour and Feather Weight SOLD!

Shave Forge boar and GEM Flying Wing remain.
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