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2 shaves to a blade and that's it

2 or 3 shaves occasionally 4 sometimes 1 for me it depends on the feel of the blade.
My comment would be that the number of uses depends on the user and the blades. On most of my DE blades I can go 6-7 shaves then I change them. On the OneBlade Feather FHS-10 it’s two shaves and done. However, if changing blades after two shaves is your preference then go for it. Like others have mentioned several blades just start working well after 2-3 shaves but what works for one may not for another.
I get two to three shaves from Derby’s and Astra Superior Platinums, but they could probably last longer. One of the things I like about DE shaving is that I can get a fresh blade often as I like.

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A friend has both Yaqi Agamemnon "Globetrotter" and also Merkur 34C. He gets 8 shaves out of Merkur 34C using Permasharp and 3 shaves out of the Yaqi Slant using Euromax DE blades.
I'm happy with Yaqi Agamemnon DOCS Globetrotter Slant using the Shark blades on just 3 occasions. I don't get any irritation, but some whitish skin scrapings at the follicles when I do.
Personna Med Prep I change after 8 to 10 shaves. I know it would do more comfortably for me but, heck this is a hobby so I have to fiddle with my toys.
I'm truly fascinated by the widely varying experiences of how long a DE lasts for different users. Personally, I find it takes 1 - 3 shaves for a new blade to settle in, after which I'll typically get a dozen or more shaves before I get bored with it and want to move onto something else. I'm guessing that the "settling in" process is the coating on the blade being worn away and/or smoothed out so that's its no longer impacting the blade/whisker interface. Regardless, I feel a blade is hitting its stride when others think it's ready for burial.

I've only rarely stretched a blade to see how many shaves I could get before a clear degradation, and I haven't counted, but it's more than 40, I think. And some here get way more than that.

Blades are cheap, and this is a hobby where clearly there's no right way. Anyone else can use multiple blades per shave if they wish and I won't accuse them of "doing it wrong." But I'm still curious about our widely varying experiences. Whisker toughness and density would seem to be the primary variables, and prep + technique no doubt come into play as well. Is some of it psychological, too? Probably, but that could also imply that I'm refusing to recognize the degradation of my well-used blades out of some sort of stubborness. (Who, me?)

More generally, while we all really enjoy shaving, I am amazed at our lack of consensus on just about everything. Does "YMMV" prevail to the same extent in other niche interest groups?
I usually replace blades after ~ 7 uses, but that's because a week is a convenient marker, not because the blade is already giving me trouble. Call it pre-emptive maintenance. Who wants a failure out of the blue?

I use a hot water prep (a very thorough face wash to degrease, so the water can get into the hairs, then hot facecloth for 30 .. 60 seconds to hydrate). I liken this hydration process to cooking spaghetti.

Uncooked spaghetti would be hard to cut, and wouldn't do your knife any good.

Spaghetti soaked in cold water for x minutes would be softer, but it wouldn't be cooked.

Spaghetti cooked in hot water for the same time would be cooked, and EASY to cut.

Both spaghetti samples would re-harden if you left the plate lying around overnight.

Not a perfect analogy (the spaghetti is the same all the way through, and the hairs are definitely not), but that was my analysis of the hot prep versus cold debate.
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