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2 shaves to a blade and that's it

Nothing wrong with that. I usually get 3 shaves from the blades that I like and use in my rotation and after that I have to force the blade to get a decent shave and it's not worth the trouble. Even with the Personna GEM blades it's almost impossible to get a good shave on the 4th use. With some blades I get 2 shaves while with others I change the blade right after a few strokes, because it's just not for me.

South Dakota Guy

Doesn't matter what the brand of blade, what the brand of soap, the length of time between shaves, or the temperature of water (I'm a cold water shaver).

The most I can get out of a blade is two shaves.
In your case then I would probably look for inexpensive blades that agree with you. I see that Amazon still has Astra SS blades for $7 per 100. No point buying expensive blades if they don't perform better than cheap ones.
I usually average about 5 shaves from a DE blades. However, with straights I don't seem to be getting the same mileage - 10 shaves and it's time for a refresh. Used to think it was my whiskers but with 5 out of a DE blade, it's probably more my technique, both stropping and shaving. Hopefully that will improve over time.
I'm in the habbit of throwing every blade i use after 3 shaves and they could be good for more.They're so inexpensive i'd also be happy with 2.
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