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2 Razors, 1 Shave...

No, not some internet video.

I was wondering if anyone else has ever tried using more than one razor for a single shave.
Today I used a Old-Style open comb/Derby for the main shave (three passes), then switched to a very gentle SuperSpeed/7-O'Clock for buffing around the hard-to-reach areas.

Very good results, with little irritation even though I really worked the buffing. I think I shall try this more regularly.

Anyone else?
Some use a DE when starting out with a straight to get some areas. Some guys use a cartridge razor when starting out with a DE.

I have never used more than one.
I have actually because I found that for me certain razors perform better during paritcular passes:

Gillette New open-comb - WTG
Merkur Slant - XTG
Mergress - ATG

I've never shaved with these three during the same shave but, I do use the Mergress/Slant combo often. Mainly because I need something straight to shape my goatee and sideburns.
I do it all the time when trying a new razor or blade.

I do find the Megress is particularly efficient for me on the neck, esp ATG.
I don't see a reason not to do it.

Most days I do a little clean-up with a Sensor, because I'm still working on my DE technique and am hesitant to try the advanced techniques until I have the basics down.
I started a shave with a Gillette New the other day but had to finish it up with a Slant. I guess that isn't quite the same thing.
Great question...I was wondering the same thing.

I've used more than one razor in the morning. I think, I got up to 3 razors. The different razors would have different blades in them, A Feather for the face and then the Derby for the Neck.

Now, if I had my druthers, I'd use my HD for everything else but my neck, and use my Progress on my neck

But I have to say, the switching of the razors all the time, can become rather tedious. As time passes, it will seem as if it was all the time, even if it wasn't in reality.
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