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$2 off coupon from Dana Fragrances

Got the $2 off coupon from Dana for taking their survey, then stopped at a couple of stores to see if they actually sold anything I was interested in (mainly English Leather or British Sterling).

Wally World: No

K-Mart: British Sterling Cologne only $16/bottle before discount

Big Lots: No, and they don't accept manufacturers coupons

Next time I go to Rite-Aid or CVS I'll take a look.

Seems a better time of year to look for these around here is Christmas (gift sets).
I have seen Dana products in the fragrance section of Wally World, that half aisle of usually locked scents just past the women's cosmetic section.

Of course, Uncle Wally has seen fit to relegate Dana to the bottom shelf, right hand side! :thumbdown
I've been to 2 Wally Worlds in my area and neither of them carry any Dana Fragrances for men.

I did find a Mom & Pop that had an eight oz. bottle of English Leather Cologne for $9.99 which is about half of what you'd normally pay. They wouldn't accept the coupon, though. :lol:

If I were to use this coupon I'd likely use the online code and order from Dana directly....and get a gift sampler (they're only $10 before coupon and shipping).

No sense spending big bucks on a big bottle if you don't like it.
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