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2 Newbie Mistakes I Made While Bevel Setting With Burr Method

I really don't see these 2 things talked about much when answering newbie questions about bevel setting with the burr method.

Torque or pressure on the stone while bevel setting. Yep, I tried to set the bevel keeping the spine and edge pressure the same. Holy spine wear! Blade must be used with pressure or torque, towards the edge. Now that I've done it a few times I can just barely kiss the stone with the spine until the bevel is worked in and then finish up on the bevel setter with standard, edge biased strokes.

Flip the razor over!! Yes indeed I honed a complete burr on on side of the razor before I even started on the other. Wide on one side, thin on the other. Now I do about 50 strokes on one side and fifty on the other until the burr starts to form. When I get the burr formed on the whole bevel, I start dropping strokes, 25, 10, 5. Much better! The edge is in the middle of the blade now.

Hope my foul-ups can help others!
I do think pressure is discussed.

Since I started the end of September I do remember well reading that little or no pressure is needed. Intuitively I think I would know not to use a lot of pressure. After all, you bought the stone to do the work. Since I use films I start with 30mu which is near 600 grit I think. I do at least 40 laps on both sides with no more pressure than a fingers steering the blade.

As to laps. I count.

To date I have honed around 10 vintage razors including hollow, extra hollow, near wedge, and full/true wedge. I've yet not to get a blade ready to shave.

I am surprised when some go their own way only to come back to the burr method and learn that it works.

I also think films as a gateway to stones just as a shavette is a gateway to straights.

As with all things, "easy does it".
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