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2 months on. Why I like double-edge shaving so much.

Good evening all.

Its nearly been a full 2 months since I started shaving with a double-edge razor after giving up my Mach 3 (first my Beautytrack now my 39c Sledgehammer).

What I really like about double-edge shaving:

The shave is far closer without any bumps or rash. And it is much more enjoyable partnered with my brush and cream/soap.
Using a razor that is 100% metal without any plastic in it. It feels a lot nicer on the skin. When I first got my 39c Sledgehammer my wife thought it was a weapon compared to my Mach 3 as its so much heavier and more imposing! She has warmed to it now and she likes it very much.
Having so many different makes of blades to choose from without breaking the bank.
Finally the general satisfaction of getting much better shaves!

This forum has been a massive help so thanks to all of you!

(Just a side note. Even my wife addresses my razor as 'The Sledgehammer' instead of 'Razor'!)

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Your post captures the quintessential secret that most people will never know.
Traditional Wet Shaving is easier on the skin and more enjoyable.
Yes, there’s a learning curve and depending upon your razor format, it can be long but, in the end the results (think comfort) are just better.

I’m glad you’re enjoying your time at B&B and your shaves.

Have you every tried a Single Edge razor? I have a few candidates that are ideal for “throwing friends down rabbit holes”…I mean, are a nice way to sample another type of razor.
Congrats! I just realized that I have been shaving with a double edged safety razor for 7 years now. Before trying it I assumed it wouldn’t work for me because of my sensitive skin. It turns out that this kind of shaving is better for my skin.
I remember when I started with a DE. I decided to go all in as I was going through tight money times, and I got tired of spending $15 on Mach 3 carts every 6 weeks or so (and using them longer than they were comfortable to use because I was too cheap to buy more). I started researching ways to save money shaving, and I´m pretty sure I stumbled on B&B (though I didn´t join at the time). I spent $100 on a razor, 100 blades, soap, and a brush. That was back in 2007 or 2008, and other than soap that purchase lasted nearly 10 years. I remember thinking ¨holy cow I didn´t know shaving could feel this good, why did mean ever go away from DE shaving?¨

It sounds like your experience with wet shaving with a DE is similar to mine... enjoyable and you ponder why carts ever became so popular in the first place. Congrats on your new enjoyment in shaving!
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