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1st use of a Feather Blade .....

Feather is the only blade I currently use. Have tried the various Gillette and the like but decided on Feather. Just gives me a better shave.
I use them in a Vision 2000 and Futur. These 2 razors are about all I use anymore (though I did get a progress in the mail yesterday). I do have to tweak the blade exposure as the blade gets older, if I want to stretch them... If they are loaded, I am in mid shave, and I can't remember how many days they have gone I can usually finish my shave by raising the exposure setting, then dump the blade once I am finished. I hate replacing blades mid shave (wet hands, lather and water starts to get cold, etc)
Turtle, it's a wise trick to tweak the exposure! In my case I have never used an adjustable, maybe I should try.
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