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1st Time Buying Expensive Soaps: Buy Refills Only or with Jar

Hi Everyone, looking to step up to some better soaps but not break the bank. I noticed you can buy, say MWF, in the ceramic bowl for $35 or a refill for $13. What are your thoughts on just buying the refills (Tabac, SV, MWF, etc) to save some money? Suggestions on why this isn't the way to go?? Thanks.
MWF fits perfectly in a Razorock What the Puck container.....just change the sticker to ID
I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this bowl last year...

vb1.jpg vb2.jpg

It reminded me of the time my family and I spent in Europe in the early eighties. It is porcelain and the inside dimensions are roughly 3 5/8 inches (~92 mm) by 1 1/2 inches (~38 mm). I bought it to use as a loading bowl, but was afraid the combination of wet hands and hard floor tiles would eventually combine for a very bad day so it remained on display in a curio cabinet for a few months. I decided to take a chance and so far all is well. I must admit I'm extra careful with it until I return it to its safe resting place on the bathroom shelf. It's pretty much the perfect size for loading soaps and I feel it is more than an adequate presentation for any of my current soaps to anything I may acquire in the future.
Yeah, for me I'd rather skip the jars and use my own containers. I don't care for all different sized jars plus I get a bit OCD when it comes to that kind of thing. I like everything to stack nicely. Most soaps you can scoop out and put into another container. A hard soap, or even a triple milled soap can be grated with a normal kitchen grater and pressed into a new container.
Scheermonnik (Shaving Monk) is an artisan maker, based in Delft, Holland.
Certain of their soaps (tinned croaps) are presently on sale at Griffith Shaving Good's on-line shop (Rhode Island) for USD$15 (75g tin), reduced from $21, plus $2.99 shipping per order.
Varieties: Delfts Wit, Delftse Donderslag, Puur (unscented), and Soek.

We are truly spoilt for choice in these times!
Perhaps Ivo4u2 can recommend a variety.

ps. I've no connection with Griffith's.
for the 19.95 I would get the sample pack 6 and ask for the puur as extra.

scent wise you can not go wrong with Delfts wit. Delftste donderslag and souk are nice to, 1778 which is later in line and has a summer coconut twist. Berk and Smoor are the latest. After the weekend I might be able to tell you more how berk and smoor are delivering in the mini jar they are less strong as the originals. Puur is unscented which I wanted to use on top of paa scented holiday cubes.

Scent profiles
Scents - Scheermonnik - https://scheermonnik.com/en/scents-of-the-soaps/

sample pack
Ask for puur as an extra they can do that.

they are working hard on asb in the same scents and they are expected soon.


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I understand where you're coming from, but I like collecting the jars too. MWF, Nuavia, C&S, the wooden bowls from DR Harris. That said once I have the container, I purchase the refills if they are available like MWF's.
Since this thread started, I've gone about halfway through a jar of Tabac, and I just bought a refill puck. I'm a fan of mid-20th century modern design, and Tabac's milk glass soap jar and aftershave bottles are fine examples. I even like that the lid is plastic, as no doubt that will go flying onto the floor some day. To be brutally honest, it is a bit heavier, clunkier and more slippery than other refillable containers, and not strictly necessary. So I understand if others prefer to go without it.
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