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1st shave with my Fatboy today

Today I had my first shave with a Fatboy (much thanks to ssilcox on selling me one and making me a great razor/brush stand. seriously if you are looking for a stand give him a PM.)

All I have to say these razors definitely live up to the hype. Though mine not as pretty of some of yours out there, it still got the job done. I almost prefer the shave from this razor over the EJ Difussion I have (it comes with the new Muhle head design) or the Merkur 1904. I really have to tip my hat to this razor. Really makes me look forward to the Gillette Slim adjustable I have coming in the mail! This razor will definitely get alot of use in my shave den.

What next to try...

The new Muhle open comb. ( I have yet to try an open comb and I am just a huge fan of their fit and finish)
The Murkur Slant!
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