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1st shave with an Astra SP

Which razor for the 1st Astra SP shave?

  • Ball Handle NEW

  • iKON

  • 46-47 Aristocrat

  • Y1 Super-Speed

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I buy blades by the 100 pack to get the price down.
I am just about through the Dorco 301's.
This time I decided to try those Astra SP's that most say are a darn good blade at a reasonable price
I just got them in the mail and cant decide which razor to test drive them in first.
The 46-47 Aristocrat, the Y1 Super-Speed, the Ball Handle NEW or the iKON?
What would your choice be?
Try it in the 46-47 Aristocrat today, the Ball Handle NEW tomorrow, the Y1 Super-Speed the next day, and the rest of the week in the one that felt best.

I agree its a solid plan.
Its still a horse race though.
The iKON holding dead last.
Its early and maybe a few more will weigh in.
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