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1st open comb shave after 1 year of shaving


Been wet shaving with a DE for about a year now every other day. Started with a minty 59 Fat Boy and quickly went to the Merkur 37c. Best shaves with Gillette Silver Blue and Crystals. I would consider my technique sound. I only cold water shave now.

My Muhle r41 arrives tomorrow! Here will be my shave.

R41, crystal blade, proraso pre/post as I whip up proraso green cream, proraso green aftershave splash (arriving tomorrow as well).

Any suggestions? Maybe use the silver blue blade or derby? I hear mild blades work well in this razor.

Thanks guys
Whew! Diving right on in! Go check out the Brotherhood Of The Open Comb thread in the safety razor forum, if you haven't already
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