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Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by eezee, Jan 12, 2019.

    I'm waiting on the delivery of this Schick Type G razor. After several years of DE razors and straight razors I thought I would try out an SE injector.

    Any pieces of advice will be greatly appreciated!

    Schick Type G.jpg
  1. Schick g-type for me was a very intuitive razor. It's sort of natural to ride the cap with it.

    There really isn't much to say other than that it is a wonderful razor and in my books rivals any DE.

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  2. You'll really love that razor. All you need is a light touch and mind your angles. You will find that injectors are much more maneuverable than DEs. In fact, you might consider selling off your DEs after using that Schick.
  3. Riding the cap is the trick. You want the blade nearly parallel with your face. I’m really starting to like injectors, and I’ve been de shaving for 12 years.
  4. All good advice so far! I have a G type as well and really enjoy it. I recommend you try the Schick Proline for a blade. Truely a wonderful blade IMO.
  5. Looks like you found a very nice one. What blade do you plan on using? I really like the current Schick blades being made, AKA chick blades. You can easily find them online in bright yellow package. Super sharp and smooth. No pressure needed. Just let the razor do the work.
  6. You might want to start with the Chinese Schick (Chick) blades because they come in a re-useable injector. Once you have used the Chick blades, keep the injector for re-loading with Prolines.
  7. Duh! I forgot to mention that you have to load the Prolines in a empty injector cartridge because the Proline cartridge doesn't have a key. Listen to @xxvaleria and get the Chinese Schicks first and then try some Prolines later.
  8. Ron R

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    Nice razor, Schick has very well built razors and I have 4 E types that I own & enjoy. Very friendly razor IMO and enjoy.
  9. I actually prefer Chinese Schick over Proline as the latter would give me a nick here and there. Never had any issues with Chicks.

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  10. I’ll be following this, as I’ve just acquired a later model Schick Injector.
  11. Be sure the brass insert coming out of the handle is straight. If it’s bent the razor head will be off and will not shave well.
  12. Thank you for all of the comments. The razor was supposed to have been delivered yesterday, then today, and now it looks like Monday! USPS strikes again. :a31: Thank you everyone for your comments. Please keep them coming.

    I ordered a couple fo these off of Amazon.

    Thank you very much for this advice.

    Many thanks!

    I will check that out. I have a question, how does one maintain and clean one of these razors? Do they come apart?
  13. Re cleaning.

    Injector rule of thumb = don’t take it apart. You could ruin quite a few of them.

    Btw, I LOVE my L type.
  14. I used a tooth brush after a hot water and Dawn bath. I didn't soak the handle, just the brass parts. Some brass polish could be used if you want. Both of my E Type cleaned up very well. Like @guitarslinger said, don't attempt to open.
  15. I've got an E, G, & I models. Love them all!
  16. I think I've written up my injector cleaning method somewhere on B&B here. I'll see if I can locate it. Dish soap will be fine on all parts of it, alcohol could make the plastic soft so if you use it on the handle you need to immediately rinse it off with water.

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  17. As mentioned previously, a soak in hot water and dish detergent, and scrubbing with a toothbrush is sufficient. If your germaphobic, a dip of the head in 70% rubbing alcohol, letting it air dry will take care of any nasties.
    If there is no blade in place, you should inject a blade in the razor and sacrifice it by immediately replacing it. There is an excellent chance that first blade will be damaged by being rubbed against the blade stop.
    As mentioned earlier, ride the cap. It’s the was injectors were designed to shave and enjoy the shave.
  18. Awesome! Thank you so much gentlemen for your advice. Sometime this week will be my maiden voyage with this style of razor and I am looking forward to it. Reports will be forthcoming!!

    BTW, how would you describe the shave? Mild? Aggressive? Medium?
  19. Not too mild, not too aggressive, so it’s just right!

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